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Sep 24, 2008 10:51 PM

Mister Sushi On North El Camino Real

HI everyone! Tonight I thought I'd share info on a great sushi place called Mister Sushi. Mister Sushi is now our new sushi home because our previous favorite place rasied their prices. We just couldn't see spending that much for the quality of food we got. Now Mister Sushi, here we come! You can get all you can eat sushi/sushi rolls which I recommend, or you can order off the menu. For the all you can eat the price is $25.00 a head. Everyone in my group thought the sushi was very tasty! The chefs there are friendly and that really topped off the meal. Since it isn't a large restaurant we got catered to more by the friendly staff. A couple of my favorites were the Crunch Roll and of course, anything dish which had Unagi (eel) in it.

The place is clean and nice looking. They also have a few tv's there to watch sports, but it isn't a loud place like a sports bar. I would say it is a great place to take dates, your parents, co-workers, and just about anyone who is up for sushi. I don't recommend bringing small children because Mister Sushi isn't the type of place that speaks to me as a childrens place. However; if your child likes sushi and is well behaved, then I don't foresee a problem. Let it be known that if you go for the all you can eat, you are seated at the counter so you might want to think about that.

I read a review from someone on Yahoo who hated the place. I guess all restaurants have their off days, but out of all the times my party has been there, we have had good experiences. So I say try it yourself and see what YOU think.

The all you can eat is offered throughout the week. We went on Wed and they were open until 9:30pm. Their phone number is...(760) 944-2800 and they are located on North El Camino Real, near Encinitas Blvd. Mister Sushi is in a shopping plaza that has Longs in it. Just past The Bull Pen if that helps. It can be tricky to find so I'd recommend map questing it or calling them. Happy eats!

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  1. If you carefully look around just outside of Mr. Sushi you'll discover a tiny portal to a wormhole. Step into the portal if you dare and you'll jump across a fortunate bend in the space-time fabric, (actually just to the other side of El Camino Real behind the vitamin store!), where you'll end-up outside of Kaito Sushi.

    If you choose to take the journey you'll find yourself in a parallel universe where ingredient quality and tradition still reigns, and where the chefs and the customers alike still treat sushi with respect.

    Due to their proximity to the wormhole roll customers occasionally pop into Kaito and are warmly received. After acclimating to their new surroundings they too will be surprised by this little gem of a place. The same premium, fresh, (never frozen, never!), Bluefin tuna that is used to serve who are fast becomming the most demanding traditional sushi customers in the county, is also employed for the occasional roll order.

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      I have to agree w/ you cfgan! Kaito is truly a gem and can't wait to get back there!

    2. I love Mister Sushi! A friend and I used to go at least once a week, but our record was five times in two weeks I think. If Albert's still there, ask for him.

      It's our go-to place for large quantities of good quality sushi for a very reasonable price. I'm sure some will sneer at it, so I have to say it might not be the absolute highest quality fish, but I consistently found it was better than a lot of other little sushi bars that charge high a la carte prices.

      A year or two ago we started eating sushi less frequently, so we were willing to pay normal prices, and now we go to Islands Sushi at the Crowne Plaza. It's probably not "authentic" (which so many people on this board seem to revere above all else) but it's masterfully and creatively prepared and always delicious and interesting. Leonard and Big Mike are awesome.