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Sep 24, 2008 10:04 PM

Yogurtology - Scottsdale

Does anyone know anything about Yogurtology, a not-yet-open yogurt place (um...duh) in the AJ's shopping center at Thompson Peak and Frank Lloyd Wright, in the corner where the now-defunct weight loss place used to be? I noticed that they just hung a sign today and I'm wondering if this is a chain or new concept, and if it's traditional frozen yogurt or the tangy kind.

Anyone know anything about this one? I Googled it and couldn't find anything.

I particularly enjoy the fact that a yogurt place is going in where a weight loss clinic went out of business. Welcome to America....we won't lose weight, but we'll devour "low cal" yogurt.


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  1. I noticed that myself. I cant wait to try it. Great location!!!

    1. I heard there is a new frozen yogurt shop called Yogurt Builderz on Scottsdale Rd. and Thunderbird near Sapporo. I haven't tried it yet.

      1. Yummmmm! I went to Yogurt Builderz today! I finally got around to going there. It was a self-serve concept, so I got my yogurt and put my own toppings on.

        The staff was super friendly and let us sample some flavors. I finally chose the lemon tart (which was delectable) . I topped it with fresh raspberries. Even though it's 50 degrees outside !!!, it was very refreshing. It was the tart kind which I had tried some months ago in New York and really liked it.

        My boyfriend had English Toffee yogurt with nuts and hot fudge. HIs was sweet and delicious. They had some really fun toppings.

        The only problem we had was finding the place! I knew it was near Sapporo, but finally found it next to Arizona Leather...tons of parking though.

        Have fun!

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          I went to Yogurt Builderz for the first time yesterday, and I'm sooo excited to have a do-it-yourself yogurt place near my house now! I sampled most of the flavors, and they had the tart right-on, pretty similar to Pinkberry, but the consistency was REALLY melty, like the machine had something wrong with it. I ended up going with peanut butter and oreo yogurts, which had perfect consistencies. Their selection of toppings was awesome, and they said they change their yogurt flavors twice a week (I think Sundays and Thursdays?). Everyone should definitely check this place out!

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            I've been to Yogurtology twice now and I have to say, it's definitely a step up from Yogurt Builderz! The toppings (specifically the fruit) are way higher quality, and the tart flavor is better. They're also open til 11, whereas YB is only open till 10. For me, that makes or breaks a place since I can't usually get to the place until at least 945 and I hate that feeling like they're closing up and want me to get out of there. The owners at Yogurtology are really nice, too!

        2. Yogurtology, located on the NE corner of Frank Lloyd Wright and Thompson Peak Parkway, in the same center as AJ's, had its grand opening tonight. Free yogurt for everyone. I'm not a frozen yogurt fan AT ALL but have to confess that this was delicious. It's self serve - you weigh it when you pay (when it isn't free...) - and they had about 12 flavors and a HUGE number of topping including lots of interesting choices. Healthy toppings, fruit, lots of chocolate options (but not hot fudge or caramel), and Captain Crunch....Yum! I tried the following yogurt flavors: mint, pistachio, chocolate and tangy. All were great, but the mint was spectacular and tasted just like ice cream. Apparently they are launching some more interesting flavors, like ginger, in the next week or so. I heard her say to another customer that they have access to over 1,000 different flavors.

          The owners were very nice, it's locally owned, and not a franchise. We will definitely be back....but my 10 month old daughter was NOT a fan. Maybe she'll grow into it.


          1. Tried yogurtology tonight, and was impressed.

            They had, I would estimate, around 10-15 flavors. I believe that they were all (accept one) fat free and gluten free (I think...the gluten free may not have been all flavors). These included a variety of standard and fairly unique yogurt flavors, in addition to a non-dairy and tangy. I sampled various flavors, including the mint, praline, and espresso. All were very good, had robust flavor, and the yogurt was very well-rounded (they did not have the extreme sweetness or the "diet-y" flavor/aftertaste that you frequently run into with frozen yogurt).

            I went with the diary-free mango, along with boysen berry. Both were great. The mango was a lot like a soft-serve sorbet--very refreshing, with a great, intense mango flavor. The boysenberry was traditional yogurt and also tasted very good. Plenty of toppings, including a variety of fresh fruits.

            What especially stood out was the service. A lady stood with us and dolled out sample after sample, and was more than happy (and encouraging) to do so. Extremely helpful, patient, appreciative, and clearly very proud of what they're doing. Complimentary water bottles to boot.

            Overall, a great yogurt place to have in the neighborhood--friendly, and a great taste and unique variety. Recommended.