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Sep 24, 2008 09:00 PM

Good chinese in Burnaby?

Please dont tell me Mr. Ho's on Kingsway. Voted #1 six years in a row ? The food is awful.
There must be something a little better in the area. We were there last night and had shredded chicken chow mein - greasy and almost cold. The won ton soup broth looked like dishwater. It did not look appetizing enough to try the broth. Each won ton had a little hard piece of meat inside. Glad we didn't order anything else.

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  1. Hey foodsnobz, I hear your pain but a quick search on Chinese and Burnaby netted these useful threads:
    (go to the last entry


    Good luck in your search, and let us know what you find.

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      I can definitely recommend The Xiang (aka Alvin Garden - Hunan) and Szechuan House - both on Imperial. Crystal Mall is a great place to eat - Wangs for Xiao Long Bao and Huaxi for very inexpensive Sichuan and pan-regional noodle dishes.

      1. re: foodsnobz

        Defintely check out Crystal Mall and Wang's. Au Wing Kee on Kingsway and Royal Oak for wonton, congee and noodles.

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          Another post with photos of Szechuan House and of Huaxi Noodle Specialists:

        2. I haven't tried it yet but there's a place call Tasty Village on Willingdon by Moscrop near BCIT. The owner used to be the chef at Shiang Garden. I've never been but friends tell me it's pretty good and not as expensive as SG.

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              Has anyone tried Po King on Kingsway, near Imperial? Apparently, the owners are the same as the former Big Lai Palace? I'm a bit wary of trying it out, as the only memories I have of Big Lai are bad service and that the place was generally unclean, and health inspectors had to write them up for a rash of violations.

              1. re: im_hungry

                I had tried their dim sum a couple of times and dinner once. Yes, they are the same owners as the former Big Lai Palace because I remember that lady-boss who shouts/scolds anyone. Big Lai was pretty unclean but Po King is much better. I have eaten dim sum at Big Lai before. I can't remember much from it to compare with Po King but I enjoyed Po King's dim sum. My brother-in-law mentioned that the meat dim sum is not really fresh as it tasted "thawed". I haven't had that experience. Dinner is so-so at PK with the best of Hong Kong styled service (I am being sarcastic). The waitress refilled the teapot but spilled half of the hot water on the table cloth and yet insisted on 15% tips .

                1. re: yogilo

                  Thanks for the update, Yogilo. I'll have to check out PK's dim sum one of these weekends. Good to know it's much cleaner than Big Lai :)