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Sep 24, 2008 08:00 PM

Koi vs Katsuya (Hollywood)

I am planning a dinner for about me and 8 of my colleagues (ages 25-35) and was wondering what you all thought about which one would be better to accomodate us and also which one is more expensive. Pros and Cons of both are incredibly welcomed.

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  1. Katsuya is larger and Koi is a bit more sceney. Both are quite pricey ($100 per person if include alcohol). Be prepared for a lot of attitude at either place but that's to be expected. You should also think about the Kress. It's primarily sushi as well and I had a great meal there last week. The space is phenomenal and given your age range, you can stay afterwards for the lounge upstairs.

    1. If you're looking for scene-y, then I'd recommend choosing Katana over Koi. If we're talking strictly food, I'd say definitely Katsuya over Koi.

      1. Kress, Katana, Katusuya, Koi... Hmmm - what's the link? I think I'll open a hip, scene-y place called Kornball and watch the money roll in!

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          Go to Katsuya in Hollywood. Run far away from the one in Glendale. Order the Rock shrimp tempura roll, the spicy albacore with crispy onion, lobster dynamite, cajun halibut cheeks and yellowtail with jalepeno. Order a watermelon mojito or a burning mandarin and you will be in heaven, trust me! But you should hurry up and make a reservation. Weekends are usually booked up. Or you can swing by Katana during happy hour (5-7) and order off of the 5 dollar menu and have a ball. everything that comes off of the robata grill is amazing. The bacon wrapped shrimp should not be missed.

        2. No contest. Go to Koi. For some reason, Katsuya Hollywood doesn't quite pull it off for me, although their dishes are almost the same (perhaps a slight variation). But, if you're talking Katsuya in Studio City, then I'd have to go with the latter.

          1. We're going to go with Koi. I completely agree that if we were talking about Studio City, we would definitely do the original Katsuya. So now that I've decided...any recommendations to have and anything you recommend to stay away from???