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Sep 24, 2008 07:18 PM

Red Velvet Cupcake Rundown

I did a pretty thorough checklist of the red velvet cupcakes I like in NYC for The L Magazine. It's a comic strip and you can see it here:


This project made me realize how MANY places are making cupcakes and red velvet is really popular. Cupcakes are such a strangely controversial topic in NYC and I think it's because they inspire a mania and are adored but a lot of them aren't THAT great. The most common problem is cake dryness. On the other hand a cupcake that's not great is still usually better than not having one at all ^_^
I only covered ones I thought were good here (and I still haven't tried the ones at Tribeca Treats and a bunch of other places, but I had limited time and space). Two that stuck out in my mind were ChikaLicious Dessert Club and Sweet Revenge. The ChikaLicious one was just so tender and the frosting so good, I'm surprised they're not more known for their cupcakes. Sweet Revenge had an original take that I really enjoyed with moist raspberry red velvet cake and cinnamon sprinkled on top. Of course after tasting 20 cupcakes in a month a different twist is more than welcome, but I thought it was pretty special...
Anyone else finding cupcake gladness at new or unexpected spots?

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      Haven't tried the others, yet heartily affirm Pinisi!

    2. I second Tonnie's Minis and also like Pinisi in the East Village and Two little Red Hen's

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        Of those three I like Two Little Red Hens best I think. It's also a really cute shop!
        I should also mention that I strongly favor cream cheese frosting, I don't think buttercream is best in the case of red velvet cake and a lot of places use buttercream for whatever reason.

      2. Ah, is there anything better than a well made red velvet cupcake?

        Side note: I've been to Sugar Sweet Sunshine several times where they've used buttercream icing instead of cream cheese. Such establishments should be banned from serving red cupcakes 'til they wise up.

        1. Thank you for such a FAB run down of red velvet cupcakes in NY and for adding another couple of 'must check out' cupcake places for my trip to NY!!

          I fully agree with the_state's comments - if you can't make red velvet cupcakes properly DONT!!! They are such a treat!

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            I've had some good ones with buttercream, but I prefer cream cheese. I can see how purists feel strongly though. The cream cheese frosting hits the spot!
            I actually wish there were places that would make a dark chocolate cupcake/cream cheese frosting combo. That would be a dream cupcake for me...

          2. Nice roundup! My top three — Make My Cake, Daisy May's & Amy's — are well represented, and I agree that the raspberry addition from Sweet Revenge is a nice touch. Cream cheese frosting, all the way!

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              Thanks Sweet Freak! I dig your blog, btw. For Make My Cake fans downtown they are available at Bourbon Street Southern Gourmet Pantry in the West Village as well. It's a cute spot with lots of New Orleans style food and loads of baked goods. They get the cupcakes (and possible other sweets?) from Make My Cake.