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Sep 24, 2008 07:15 PM

Dinner for 14 people, 3 kids @ 6pm?

Need a place slightly nicer than a chain (no California Pizza Kitchen, etc) for 14 people, 3 kids (ages 6, 3, 1). I also don't want too nice because a group of 14 and 3 kids could ruin the ambience for anyone wanting a quiet/high-end dinner! I know it's a huge group and tough. Looking for cuisine that's fairly easy for the kids but also a bit variety for adults. Any thoughts? My first instinct was an Italian family style place.

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    1. How about Tony's di Napoli. There's one near(?) Times Square and one at 2nd Ave. and 83rd St. Family style

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        Yeah - we just went ahead with Tony's - have done it for groups before and wanted something different but it just seems easiest!

      2. Or Carmine's. You can also try patsy's (which is across from California Pizza Kitchen right outside of Bloomingdales).