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Eat Restaurant

Has anyone been to Eat on 900 dumaine street. http://www.eatnola.com/ Thoughts? Thanks so much.

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  1. Yes, I lunch ate there with my family somewhat by accident -- it was a freezing February day and it happened to be the closest restaurant to where we found a parking spot. We thought it was excellent -- everything was cooked with care and the prices were reasonable. It was the first place I ever ate fried green tomatoes.

    1. The only time that my wife and I were there was back in Jan. We had lunch and I remember that the portions were pretty big and everything was good. If I remember correctly, my wife had the shrimp and grits and I had the grilled shrimp salad with garlic bread.

      1. One more positive experience for you. I'd recommend.

        1. Thanks for the info. I'm coming for a visit in October and it was recommended by a friend.

          1. I would avoid their "tortes." Not good.

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              Thanks, anything else to try or avoid.

            2. I ate there last week. Love the atmosphere and decor -- very clean and bright. I had the fig and blue cheese torte -- delicious but enormous and rich, there's no way I could finish it. My boyfriend ordered the breakfast platter with fried green tomatoes. It was also a huge serving, and the tomatoes were very good.

              Our only complaint was the service. I'm far from nitpicky about service, but the restaurant was only half full and our waitress was often nowhere to be seen. I finally had to go to the register (next to the kitchen) to ask for the check. It took another five minutes to get it, and even longer to get my change. I'm sure the waitress and/or restaurant were just having an off day, but it really put a down ending on a pretty good meal.

              1. I ate there several times before moving to VA--it was generally good--I remember my fav was a seafood stuffed pepper.

                1. Yum! We ate breakfast there last weekend and everything was great! We eat there at least once every trip to New Orleans. The biscuits are perfect, super light and fluffy, but they really need a better jam selection! It is very clean, a rare find in our experiences in nola. Service was wonderful and the coffee cups never empty! The Eggs Dumaine and Eggs Napoleon were very good and perfectly cooked!

                  1. Eat is great for Sunday brunch. I had a spinach omelette there that was amazing. It was BYOB. We brought a bottle of champagne and they kept the oj coming.

                    1. I love Eat! My most recent visit was with a group of about seven friends who had never been before and we all had a great time and some great food. We brought a few bottles of wine and just had a wonderful evening.

                      I had the fried green tomato app, yummy as usual. Pork tenderloin with mac and cheese. It was juicy and tender. I should have gotten the mashed potatoes though. I tasted the shrimp and white beans. Just delicious!

                      My only complaint is they never have any really good desserts. I wish they would put some chocolate on the menu.

                      1. When we are in NO and staying in the FQ, we eat there for breakfast. Great food and you can bring your Bloody Mary with you...or wine if you are there for lunch or dinner. I love the place.