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Sep 24, 2008 06:59 PM

Bloomsburg Fair

I went with 3 others to the Bloomsburg Fair last night (Tuesday). '38 Special' and 'The Guess Who' were the live music---we didn't see them, but their tunes carried across the fairgrounds, and were pretty good...I jumped a bit as if I had long head-banging hair.
I came close to purchasing two items, but only purchased one. The one I did not purchased, but should have, was a door mat saying: "Ring the doorbell and run --- the dog needs exercise!" =)

The one item I did purchase was a commemorative Bloomsburg Fair mug...a manly mug... (with a unicorn). And in the mug? What else? Bob's Birch Beer, which was the culinary highlight of the night.

Also terrific were:
-Hewletts Hot Sausages
---not quite spicy enough, but good enough for me to get two
-Grotto's Pizza
---the perfect Tuesday night dessert
-Lightly fried/battered vegatables w/vinegar
---cauliflower won, broccoli also good, onion rings yum, did not try mushrooms
-Benton Cider

I also tore off a piece of a freind's potato pancake, which was better than I expected, but still not as good as my sister's Hannukah latkes. =)

The only disappointment was the bratwurst from the Sausage was the worst wurst!

In my freezer, waiting for Saturday is:
-Unicorn peach dumplings
-Whoopi pie from the Amish stand
-Maple cotton candy
The only two stands (on my list of recs from Josh) I did not get to, regrettably were:
-Betty & Linda’s Blueberry muffins
-Bowmans fries

I think the fair ends this Saturday...

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  1. I always stopped at the Lakeview Ice Cream Sandwich stand first. They make little rectangular waffles to make the ice cream sandwiches. On the way out, usually after closing, we always stopped at the donut stand for take homes. By then we were stuffed. Did you get the funnel cake? See the VitaMix show? Wander through under the grandstand?

    We haven't been for a while. Have to get back. Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. re: yayadave

      Yep! Under the grandstand is where I saw that doormat! =) I will look for Lakeview next year. Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia does a REALLY good ice cream sandwich with fresh made waffles, but its huge!

    2. Ah, the Fair. Lord, how I love the Fair. I grew up in Schuylkill County and was up there last week to visit my folks and go to the Fair. was there last Tuesday as well, for all we know, maybe we wandered past each other at some point. Sounds like you had some good eating!

      We had excellent ribeye sandwiches from a local stand at 10th and C streets, potato pancakes from the Deer (something) club stand on the way to the grandstand (so good), Benton's cider - it is the best. I know we ate more (there were 4 of us together, but can't remember what.) Good times.