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Sep 24, 2008 06:54 PM

ISO BIG turkey and cornbread

I have alot of people coming this thanksgiving so can I find a very big turkey? Also , where can I buy some really good cornbread rolls? Thanks in advance!

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  1. My family usually requires at least a 15-20 lb turkey. Is that considered big? My mother likes the PC butter basted turkey. You should be able to get one at Loblaws or no frills. If you need a free range turkey you should proably order one from a butcher now.

    1. I find big turkeys (20 +) are easier to find then small turkeys. That said I'd still pre-order just to be sure. I've always gotten them from Whitehouse.

      Good cornbread rolls have got to be from a Portuguesse bakery in the west end. This is not American cornbread, but so good. I think it would almost make a better stuffing than traditional American cornbread. Hmmm, got me thinking.

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        thanks Sweetie and Mila! I will definetly order ahead. Any good bakery's to reccomend?

        1. You can order a turkey at any butcher store. Most butcher stores take orders for fresh turkeys. Or you can order one from Longo's. I ordered a fresh turkey from Longo's last year for a group of twenty people and cooked it myself with homemade stuffing.