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Sep 24, 2008 06:51 PM

Sat Lunch Hudson/Marlboro/Bolton area....

Was planning outdoor picnic for college friends get together, but looks like the weather won't be cooperating for that..
Any suggestions for a nice lunch place that we can have a leisurely meal, won't be rushed out and can have some good chow.?? Prefer non-ethnic type place as we have some plain jane eaters in the bunch.

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  1. How about Kennedy's pub in marlboro? You can stay there as long as you want, very casual, food is decent..

    Or are you looking for something more formal?

    p.s. The Bolton fair is this weekend in case you didnt realize it. Not much for chow in Bolton but the traffic on rt117 will be a mess. Some decent fair chow there, but not a good option if its raining.

    1. A good spot is the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson (assuming you're not looking for anything fancy.) This time of year they usually have a great German menu, and the beer selection is excellent.

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        I met a friend here once... not a place I would have picked, but let me tell you... the food was delicious! We had steak tips and fish & chips and they both were memorably good.

      2. Sofia's in Hudson has good Italian food. Their pasta e fagioli is very good. The owner is a recent transplant from Italia...

        1. Another place is Firefly's BBQ in Marlboro.