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Best Panini recipes?

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Got a new panini pan.
Gimme your champ panini, gang!

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  1. My favorite is smoked chicken breast, roasted red pepper, havarti cheese and basil or pesto. Yum! I can get a whole smoked chicken breast at a local market that I shred and use. I think I will make these this weekend!!!

    1. Veggie panini, meat panini, fusion panini, dessert panini-I'd love to see 'em all!

      More gang!

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        what types of breads does everyone use? what's your favorite and not so favorite?

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          Ciabatta is ideal but baguette works well, honestly any hearty bread works. I've never tried something flimsy like wonderbread but I'd think it'd disintegrate.

      2. Garlicky broccoli rabe over thinly sliced pork topped with sharp provolone cheese on sliced french or italian country bread basted with EVOO. Put in press until the provolone starts to ooze.

        1. Ciabatta bread is ideal. Also a good quality provolone cheese.

          My favorite is slices of roasted portobellos, garlicy tapenade, pickled banana peppers, arugula, and provolone.

          Other ingredients I've used include boursin cheese, a dip or spread you might have in fridge (e.g., spinach dip is delish), roasted red peppers and pickled onions.

          1. I got my press not long ago and was inspired by what was in my fridge:

            Grilled eggplant slices with grilled purple onion, bell peppers, and a thin slice of mozza. Brushed the veggies lightly with evoo and balsamic and grilled them in the press, assembled the sandwich and grilled to toasty melty perfection.

            dinnerwithjulie.com recently had a turkey, cranberry & brie panini that I'm going to try after Thanksgiving :)

            1. My two favorites. I use a hearty white italian bread.

              1: extra sharp cheddar and thin slices of honey crisp apples with a little whole grain mustard.

              2: salami / prosciutto (sp?) / or some other salty cured meat, and muenster cheese.

              Also if you're up for it, cinnamon-raisin bread with the stinkiest cheese you can stand can be really good.

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                ooh, the first and the last sound divine to me!

                Apples and cheese are such a good ix. I bet pears and a good bleu would be divine.

              2. I like a basic caprese--fresh tomatoes, mozzerella, basil.

                BTW, cookie dough in the panini press is great. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and done in less than two minutes.

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                1. I've got more than 40 of 'em! --> http://www.paninihappy.com

                  My most recent faves are probably the French Dip (http://paninihappy.com/french-dip-pan...) and the Barbecued Salmon (http://paninihappy.com/barbecued-salm...


                  Congrats on the new pan - happy grilling!

                  1. I like this recipe for chicken artichoke panini with tapenade. Not very subtle. It does have a lot of flavors going on, but sometimes I like really big flavors.

                    I've used both ciabatta and good sourdough with equally good results. Salty, crunchy and gooey. I also second chowser's suggestion of a simple caprese, but I like mine with a splash of olive oil and balsamic on the bread and some slices of prosciutto in there.

                    Another easy one is to take prepared pesto and coat boneless, skinless chicken breast. Grill or broil just until done. Mix some pesto with a little mayo and spread on bread, and then put cooked chicken and some provolone on top.. Brush outside of bread with a little olive oil and press. When done quickly open the sandwich and add some greens and tomato slices that have been very lightly dressed with olive oil and balsamic and a little salt and pepper. The greens and fresh tomato are a nice contrast to the toasty chicken.