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Sep 24, 2008 06:43 PM

Foxtail converting to nightclub

I heard rumours about Foxtail converting to a nightclub because their dinner business was so-so and SBE is more known for their clubs than fine dining but I'm a bit sad because I actually had some nice meals there and Antonia was my favourite on Top Chef Chicago. LAeater just confirmed this on their site.

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    1. SBE is the restaurant/nightclub/hotel group owned by billionaire Sam Nazarian. They own Kat-suya, the new Michael Mina restaurant on Sunset, the old Le Meridien hotel on LaCienega and the Sahara Hotel in Vegas. Oh yeah, Hyde and Area.

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        Thank You, Nothing personal, i just hate abreviations or things with out explenations, i feel left out of the loop. Thank You again

      2. I read this on Eater LA and find that it's a shame, but it's also business. I think the food was fine, but it was never meant to be "transcendent" - rather, straightforward brasserie fare.

        If this really frees up Antonia to potentially pursue other projects, I'm all for it. I hope it's a positive move for her.