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Sep 24, 2008 05:56 PM

PHX-Scottsdale Family Reunion seeking fun dinner spot

I'm an east coast Hound in charge of lining up a great place in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area to hold a family dinner during our upcoming Family Reunion next June. Would prefer an interesting location or venue - not a run of the mill hotel or restaurant.

I expect between 50-75 relatives to attend with age spans from infants to 90+ seniors. I thought an "Old West" theme would be fun but am open to all ideas. An indoor, private dining area/room would be preferable. Can spend up to $50 per person (inclusive of taxes and gratutities) with a separate cash bar. Can anyone please help with suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. There are some cowboy-kitsch places around town, but I think they're more about the experience than the food. I'm not really up-to-date on them anyway. Here are two recommendations that would give you a distinctly Phoenician experience:

    Tradiciones at 16th St. & Roosevelt has a private event room that could accommodate a group of your size. They do quincineras and wedding receptions all the time, so they could certainly handle a family reunion. The food is Mexican.

    Stockyards is a classic steakhouse. It has an old school feel and has been around for decades. The restaurant has several dining rooms and might be able to set aside one for your group.

    1602 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

    Stockyards Restaurant
    5009 E Washington St Ste 115, Phoenix, AZ 85034

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      In reference to what silverbear said about the cowboy are two of them to avoid: Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse/Patio and Rustler's Rooste. Both are great "cowboy" atmosphere but the food is an abomination, bordering on vile. (Although I confess that I kind of enjoyed the fried snake at Rustler's. It just felt good to say "we'll have one order of the snake" or "wow, this is the best snake I've ever had' or "I order snake everywhere I eat.." get the picture)

      I know this for fact, as I've been to both with our kids in the last several months.

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        I am going to chime in w/ one of ejs1492's favorite spots.....Don and Charlie's. They aren't Western themed...they are a 'clubby' type steak house....w/ food that will appeal to everyone. They have a room which can accomodate a group your size. All entree items include salads and potatoes. You should be able to stay in your range if the Bar Tab is separate.
        They are located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale and they have a Sports Memorabelia theme.

        1. re: ejs1492

          I second Tradiciones. Tourists think they want old west, but border Mexican is way cooler. Metro Phx hasn't been old west in a really long time, so we do it about as well as Disney. Actually, Disney's probably better.

          Another no - at all costs avoid Rawhide. Worse than Pinnacle Peak and Rustler's Rooste. Waaaay worse. If you have to choose one, Rustler's is the least painful. The patio they put groups on has a great view.

          ooh, what about The Farm at South Mountain?

      2. It's not Old West theme, but Golden Buddha in the Chinese Cultural Center might be fun. They've got those large rooms around the side of the main dining room, and I bet you could fit 50-75 people in there. I've always wanted to get a big group, order one of everything on the menu and just keep passing plates around.