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Sep 24, 2008 05:29 PM

Wednesday night sushi?

I've heard that Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays are not very good nights to eat sushi in L.A. because the fish market is closed on those days.
I've also heard that there's an easy way to remember 'best days to eat sushi.' I can't really remember what it was but, I *think* that it said any day with an 'R' in it is good.
However, I can't figure out Wednesday! Is Wednesday night a great night to have sushi in L.A.?

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  1. yes.
    i've also been more than happy with sushi at sushi zo on tuesday nights. obviously, i'm not alone in this because often he's completely full on tuesday nights from about 8pm on.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      I went to Sushi Zo on Tuesday and thought it was as good as always.

      Of course, that's of little help because I usually go on Tuesdays (when I'm sans kid)

    2. Wrong. Sushi quality is generally good Tuesday through Friday in L.A.

      Wednesday, last I checked, was within that range...

      1. Anthony Bourdain says don't eat fish on Mondays. I think that's it. I think he mentions that the best days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I'll have to look that up.

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        1. re: andytseng

          Does that apply to ALL restaurants...even in LA & OC?

          1. re: OCAnn

            I think that's supposed to be an almost universal rule, because on Mondays, restaurants are just trying to get rid of the food that they didn't sell over the weekend.

            1. re: andytseng

              Notice how many seafood "specials" restaurants are offered on Monday nights - just trying to cut their freezer stock losses.

          2. re: andytseng

            As a rule, I don't have restaurant fish (or seafood in general) on Sat, Sun, & Mon when avoidable.

            Unless, of course, you see the critter coming out of the tank squirming (a la Cantonese style).

            This rule applies to all my dining out experiences.

          3. I think you're thinking of the oyster months. The fish markets are open Monday and Tuesday but many sushi restaurants are closed Monday. To J.L., I have never heard of not ordering seafood on a Saturday. Sushi bars keep their fish longer than most think.