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Sep 24, 2008 05:27 PM

San Hing - Westside Chinese - Palms and Sepulveda

I'm going to stick my neck out a bit on this one.

Last night, we ordered some food from this place, including "Pork chop with spicy salt."
I think it was the best dish of Chinese food that I've had on the west side (not that the competition is so fierce...)

The other dishes, also to order, weren't half bad (the steam trays of food looked pretty dreary.)

Are there other dishes here worth trying?

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  1. San Hing? I thought they went out of business early last year and were replaced by a place called Shanghai Walk (which got some mention on this board).

    1. San Hing is the mostly steamtable Chinese restaurant in the strip mall on the S/E corner of Sepulveda and Palms. It is adjacent to, next door to the east, the fantastic Royal Donuts. (Great crispy cinnamon rolls, and really excellent crumb donuts and twists.)

      Shanghai Walk (Wok?) is in the next little minimall over to the east. Yes, there was some discussion of it over a year ago -- if I remember correctly some recommendations for takeout dumplings or bao or somethings like that from there.

      I'll admit that I have not sampled the Chinese fare from either place. I do, however, give a big thumbs up to the Trader Joe's on the north side of Palms, and I do love those donuts and the very friendly hardworking family that runs Royal. If I'm hungry for Chinese in that area, I take Palms about a half-mile or so east, head north on Motor, and then left on National to Hu's!

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        OK. San Hing seems to have reopened at the location that was Lotus 3 for the past 15 years (11136 Palms Bl.). Shanghai Walk and previously San Hing occupy the 11128 Palms Bl. address.

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          It turns out Shanghai Walk is gone, replaced by a sushi place. I'm still amazed that two Chinese take out places could have survived for these decades on the same corner of Palms and Sepulveda.