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Sep 24, 2008 04:12 PM

Xoriguer - the gin of Mahon (Menorca)

I just returned from a trip to Spain-with a side-stay on the little island of Menorca. The first night I arrived at my agroturismo, I had a G&T at the ramshackle bar. The guy used Xoriguer gin, which he poured out of a corked, brown earthernware bottle with a picture of windmill on it.
I am no expert in liquor by any means-but this gin was SOOOOO good-my first imrpession was "Wow, this tastes like the snow Dad used to shake down on us off of the cedar trees back home in Virginia!"
I supposed it must have a strong flavor of juniper berries. At any rate, I bought a bottle home and I've been enjoying it almost every night since I got home. Sadly it's almost empty.
The website,, says it's distilled from wine alcohol.
I'm not qualified to make any other statements except I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I buy this is the US?? Or do I need to finagle another trip to Spain?

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  1. If it's not in the states now it should be soon. About a month ago I was at one of my regular haunts and the owner had been givin a few sample bottles from the distributor, so they're definitely trying to break into the US market.

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      Did you try it Boozemonkey? What did you think?

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        I did -- The owner poured some straight, and made a G&T and martini with it. We weren't very fond of it in any of the three forms. We were unaware that it uses a wine base, so it may be that our expectations of a more traditional gin flavor had something to do with it. If I come across it at a bar I'll probably give it another try just to see.

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          Well, I hardly ever drink so I don't know what "real" gin tastes like. I just know I LOVED this! I hope I can find it again sometime.

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        Boozemonkey, I'm in NY, and trying to find a US distributor, where I can direct my local wine/liquor shop to inquire as to the price of a case. Do you know it?

        So far, I've only seen it available online from UK distributors, and a shipping cost of nearly £15 a bottle makes it prohibitive. (£ 173.40 for 6 bottles with shipping


        But I'm dying to get more. I received a bottle as a gift, and don't want to drink anything else.

        Can you help?

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          I am also in NY state, and looking for a Menorcan Gin. If I find a US distributor, I will post back here on this thread.

      3. Sounds really nice! Please let us know when/if you see it in the US. I would definitely like to pick some up.

        1. My wife and I spent 2 weeks in Mahon this July, and we are not Gin drinkers at all, but this stuff is AWESOME!! Menorca makes some great Gin, we have been looking for it since we got back but haven't had any luck so far. If you find out anything please let us know, having it shipped over is way too expensive.

          1. Mahon Gin is still not available in the states unless you mail order from UK. It isn't wine based, it is a real gin and I love my martini made with it. Try Junipero from Anchor Brewing and also Citadelle Reserve Gin. The Citadelle Reserve is very unique and makes a great Martini.

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              Why can't "real" gin be made from a white brandy base?

            2. Gosh I love Xoriguer. Lived in Mallorca (right next door) when I was younger. Great stuff.