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When you leave DC, what restaurants do you miss?

Might be doing some traveling in a bit, and I'm wondering what i'm going to miss about DC.

Not to be cliche, but the Chili Half Smokes @ Ben's


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  1. Ray's, Arlington or Silver Spring.

    Whenver I travel, for business or vacation, someone always wants to hit a steakhouse (after all, we're either on vacation or expense account!) And I always walk out thinking I've been cheated after paying more but getting less (in quality) than Ray's.

    1. I luckily haven't been away long enough to truly miss things here (like I do in Boston...I miss lobster rolls, chowda, and a decent bagel) but something tells me if I did move away or travel for awhile I would miss crab cake sandwiches (particularly from CF Folks), everything on the menu at Bistro D'Oc, the Palena burger (or even a 5 Guys), and the Sakana Sushi Roll from Sakana.

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        I forgot about the croquettes at Taberna. They might be the most addictive food in the city. :)

      2. Nothing.

        I enjoy certain things, but everything I've really liked, I know I could find in any other large city.

        Thing is, there is clearly food I miss about Pittsburgh, and even Amherst, Mass. But DC, when I'm out of town, I don't think, "Can't wait back to go to _____". <shrug>

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          When we lived out of the DC area for two years, I missed hard shell crabs the most, followed by crab cakes. Not food, but I also missed the cherry blossoms.

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            As for specific restaurants, I really missed the Peking duck and sechuen crispy beef proper at Peking Gourmet Inn. Because I live in Reston, which is not close to Bailey's Cross Roads, I miss those items here.

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              Heh. Me too. Miss the steak and cheese at Mario's. Also Nam Viet, Joe's Noodle House, Mark's Duck House, Italian Store and a few others. Almost nothing in DC proper gets me excited these days. Helluva thing to admit, but it's true. Baltimore is another story.

        2. When I am out of town and am coming home I always want Lebanese butcher, one of the good nova Thai places, taqueria poblano, rasika and Italian store. But those are nova except for rasika, if you are picky about that sort of thing.

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            Lebanese Taverna in Westover (N. Arlington)
            Ray's the Steaks
            El Paso
            Nam Viet in Arlington

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              Moby Dick House of Kabob! Chicken kabon w/ rice or bread & hummus!

          2. Ray's the Classics
            The patio at Les Halles -- people don't dine or drink al fresco where I live now, so I really miss it on beautiful days!

            1. Jaleo. and the rest of Jose Andre's empire. Esp. Zatinya. Belga, Ray's and Rustico. Soul Vegetarian. The Diner and Tryst. There are a lot of emotional reasons for all of these, and the food is great too.

              1. Salvadorian "Mexican" food served at many places around town (mmmm papusas)... Also stoli-dolis at the Grille and anything off the appetizer menu at Po Siam.

                1. Miesha's I loved their coffee.

                  1. Ethiopian, pupusas, jajamein made with hand rolled noodles and peking duck.

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                      I miss more everyday food then fancy food. Booeymonger for grilled sandwiches (hard to find a real grilled sandwich place) - Moby Dick for excellent kabobs and sides, 2Amy's pizza, and Grubb Rd. deli for soup and brisket.

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                        Yes, I used to miss the Burrito Bros. on 18th-- when I lived in the neighborhood I could have eaten a super spinach burrito 4 or 5 times a week (if I had been single), and that was the place I missed when we were out of town for a while. Of course now I miss it every time I end up going to Chipotle or, especially, Calif. Tortilla.