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Sep 24, 2008 04:03 PM

Bagel Recommendations in Central NJ?

I've heard of and tried the place in Freehold on Rte 9, which was good once out of 2 times, and also on rte 130, below Hightstown more toward Hamilton, hidden at the back end of a small strip shopping center placed perpendicularly to the east side of 130. Once in a while they have jalapeno cream cheese. Good but very very hot in summer.

There's a bagel-ette on Quaker Bridge Rd in Hamilton at the shopping center at Youngs/Sloan, and the bagels are very good and they serve jalapeno cream cheese as a matter of course, but the place isn't quite clean. Same people taking money and skipping using gloves to prepare food etc.

But the best we've found, by far, is a bagel place on Rte 29, in the CVS shopping center just north of Lambertville, across from where David Rago's auction house is. Two wonderful Indonesian sisters just have to be Jewish in a former life, because they have the best chewiest (and yes they boil them) bagels with tons of stuff on them. They survive splitting and freezing very well, which is my preferred method of keeping them around. Go early; they run out. And best of all, for me, their everything bagels do not have caroway.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about the place on Rte. 29. I'm not familiar with it and will try to get there within the week.

    Here's a link to a fairly extensive bagel discussion that took place earlier this year:

    1. Brooklyn Bagel on River Road in Rumson (head east from Red Bank) has really good bagels. I used to live near there but don't anymore and I really miss it!

      1. How about Bagel boy on Rt 516 and and Rt 18 The name Brunswick Bagel they have very good bagle and the pleace are clean. Belive me I love both there.

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          I heard that there was a good bagel place further down 516/Old Bridge (towards Rt 9), near Jake Brown Road, that has their water brought in from Brooklyn and their bagels are as good as Brooklyn-made. Anyone know if that's true?

        2. Bagels and Cream, Foxmoor Shopping Center in Robbinsville.
          The whole wheat bagel is my favorite, it is more of a mult-grain.

          1. JT's Bagel Hut in Forked River has excellent bagels. The asiago & sundried tomato is my favorite...a light, fluffy sundried tomato bagel with asiago cheese baked on top.

            Another good place is Bagel Masters in Shrewsbury...their salt bagel with scallion cream cheese is to die for.