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Sep 24, 2008 04:01 PM


Has anyone seen quinces for sale in the DC & Baltimore, or northern Virginia areas? I'd appreciate knowing where I can get them.

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  1. I see them at Harris Teeters in No. VA all the time. Pretty sure Trader Joe's has a few; Cheesetique in Del Ray, Alexandria most likely carries them as well.

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    1. You can get them at the Dupont Farmers market. Anyone have advice on how to prepare them -- to someone that hates to cook and has about 5 minutes of patience?

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        You'll need more than five minutes of patience to cook quinces as they take slow cooking, but are really worth it. At the least, you can stew them. But has a page with 24 quince recipes and has 84 of them. (I'm not sure if there are two ds in that. It may be Lots of other sites have them. Just Google quince recipe.

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          Quince Tarte Tatin. If you really hate to cook, I guess you could buy a premade crust and then all you really have to do is peel and cut up the quinces. The actually recipe is really easy and fantastic.

        2. I've bought them in the past at the Baltimore Farmer's Market (under JFX), but haven't seen them yet this year.

          1. Thanks to folks for the help. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's do not have quinces yet. Balducci's has them for 2.99 each and Harris Teeter has them for 1.48 ea, which is more like it. I would have posted this earlier but had technical glitches.

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              I saw them for the first time this past Sunday at the Baltimore Farmer's market. I didn't catch the price though.

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                Thanks for the alert. The quinces I found at Harris Teeter and Balducci's seem to be what some web sites describe as apple quinces. They are different from the quinces I've cooked in the past. I stewed some yesterday, and they didn't turn pink deep red as they usually do. So I will be on the lookout for other varieties.