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Sep 24, 2008 03:52 PM

Shallots, Garlic, Peppers, Arugula, Chicken, so what's the plan?

Got this stuff, and some vegetable stock from Trader Joes. Does this make sense:
Cut chicken breasts into cube like strips, sautee them with olive oil and some butter, to brown them on both sides, for say like about 5 minutes a side, on med-hi heat. Then set aside, and then deglaze the pan with some lemon juice (can't have wine), and then add some more butter or olive oil and sautee the shallots, add the yellow pepper thinly sliced, and then add the garlic, and then the arugula, then add the veg stock, guess about 1-1/2 cups, (using 3 cut up chicken breasts boneless skinless), and get this to come to a quick boil, then add back the chicken and cook covered with some foil for about another 10 minutes on med heat. Right before serving I've got some nice fresh basil to toss into it sliced into strips. Will serve it with rice. Does this sound right???

Thanks for the advice!

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  1. sounds good. I would maybe deglaze the pan with some of the broth, and then add lemon juice at the end--sometimes I have found that cooking lemon juice makes it bitter. Also, I would add the arugula at the end after you take it off the heat, so it just wilts in rather then cooking for a long time--will stay greener and add more flavor that way imo.

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      great advice, thanks, will do it, and let you know how it went!