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Sep 24, 2008 03:46 PM

good quick eats near 87th and amsterdam

The bf lives near there and the only food I know to get is from the cart on 86th and Broadway. I know Stugeron bagels is closed by but I am not that interested it that. Anything else within walking distance would be appreciated.

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  1. Are you looking for takeaway? If it's early (before 8, i think), try Bruno Ravioli (79th and B'way) for well made sandwiches to go, as well as a few prepped takeout dishes like lasagna and stuff shells, and really good cannoli. There are some pizza places on the west side of the street on B'way (I've never tried them), just south of the 86th St. subway stop. There's an Ali Baba on Amsterdam near 85th that's pretty good. Further south, Zabar's has rotisserie chicken and a lot of other stuff to take home.

    Oh -- and Hampton Chutney (Amsterdam between 82nd and 83rd) has interesting, good non-traditional dosa (south indian crispy crepes) filled with things like arugula, sundried tomatoes and chevre.

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      Cimui, is that Ali Baba affiliated with the one on East 34th? I really enjoyed the food there and would love to find one closer to where I live. Thanks

      1. re: uwsgrazer

        They're aren't related. The one uptown is Yemenite Jewish.

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          i don't know for sure, but i suspect not, uwsgrazer. the menus and decor are fairly different. and the UWS location is called Alibaba (one word), while the one on E. 34th is called Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine. the UWS Alibaba is also not as delicious as the Ali Baba in Kip's Bay, unfortunately!

      2. Lan Thai is I really good.. You have Celeste, you have the Parlor for a good burger and fries, Barney Greengrass if its a little early, Bloomingdale road just opened, some people like Mermaid Inn, I do not.. You also have Flor de Mayo and Pio Pio for there half or whole pollo a la brasa, Sushi of Gari for really good sushi, haru for less expensive sushi,indus valley is the best delivery indian food on the uws and a nice restaurant too, you have kefi thats walkable, some people like Dean's for pizza, ouest is great, saigon grill is worth trying, neptune room is good, blondies for a good bar and wings sports type place.. There are few others but, this is a good start.. Also had a pretty good meal at Madaleine Mae.

        Good luck

        1. I second Hampton Chutney. Great for a quick bite or for take-away.
          I also enjoy Land for a pretty speedy and yummy eat-in experience (Thai). They also have fast delivery.
          And Zabar's is great for prepared foods to take home and heat up or sandwiches.

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          1. re: piegirl74

            For some reason Hampton Chutney is offensive to me.. Its fusion Indian Food that is garbage and expensive..

            I also hate, hate, hate Le Pain Quotadain or whatever.. Expensive and worse then your average bakery.. Bread sucks.

            1. re: Daniel76

              I can see how someone who's used to having dosa very inexpensively would find Hampton prices offensive, but the dosa themselves are not bad. They are overly dry because the restaurant attempts to make them with very little oil for a healthier product (I have to make dosa this way sometimes, too, for a diabetic and overweight relative of mine), but otherwise fine.

              Also, there's nothing intrinsically wrong with fusion cuisine -- only if it's bad fusion cuisine. I think Hampton Chutney does a good job of doing what it does.