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Sep 24, 2008 03:30 PM

Weekend Brunch for 8-10, in west end?

My friends and I like to get brunch together on weekends. Brunch places get so crowded though, and lots of places don't take reservations for brunch.

Can anyone recommend good place where you can reliably seat 8-10 people for brunch on weekends? We mostly all live around Queen/Dufferin, so places around that part of town (or within a bike ride of there) are best.

Our actual food tastes within the group vary a lot, so we're pretty flexible - happy to eat in greasy spoons, happy to eat in fancier places.

(We've mostly been to the Cadillac Lounge a lot, not so much because we love it, but because there's always seating. But some of us are getting bored of it...)


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  1. How about Mitzi's Sister, it is big and their food is always tasty.

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    1. re: panko

      Mitzi's sister seems like a good idea. I wonder if they'd take reservations for brunch. (That's part of the challenge. It seems like a lot of places don't take brunch reservations...)

    2. Best Bet for me is The Grange on Bloor West at Jane...great food excellent wine list..Miranda

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        i find Czehozki's always has lots of room for brunch, and it is very good... (maybe it is timing though - we usually go for brunch around 1:30 or so....)

      2. For a fancy brunch check out Atelier Thuet at Liberty Village or the new Bite me on King St...outstanding food and they have amazing pastries. Portions are huge though.

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        1. re: cutehinano

          Went to Atelier Thuet this weekend and it was old (at least) croissants that were cut up and toasted to mask a freezer's SUNDAY shouldn't these things be fresh? Pastry basket 'for two' was $14 and included maybe three of the aforementioned croissants plus tons of bread...who's eating all that lousy bread? and who wants to pay $14 for it? Music was blaring even though there were only two tables. Got eggs benny but ham was cold so the good hollandaise ended up lukewarm. The plates were silly shapes that you couldn't rest your cutlery on...all in all it was WAY too expensive and we didn't come away feeling fancy at all!

          1. re: lolabella

            Sorry that you had a bad experience...I've been there quite a few times and have always enjoyed it. Not sure what time you went because sometimes they do run out of pastries.

        2. 8-10? good luck, what you should do is only go with 4 people, your brunch experience will be a lot better. Forget going to any popular brunch place with that many, the only way you'll get seated with a gang that big is going to the Skyline at Landsdown and Queen.

          1. I think The Drake takes reservations for brunch.

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            1. re: dragonflygrl

              Yeah, what about places like the Drake or the Gladstone? I was hesitant to suggest since I haven't been there for brunch, but you'd think hotel-type places like that would take group reserverations for brunch.