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Sep 24, 2008 02:47 PM

Hartford airport?

Does anyone know of any good places to eat (preferably casual, ethnic) near the Hartford airport and/or on the way to Middletown? I will be arriving around lunchtime for a conference at Wesleyan. Thanks!

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  1. For Indian 2 min. off the highway with easy parking halfway from the airport to Middletown.
    There are also several good restaurants on Main St in Middletown

    1. It's been awhile since I've been up near Bradley Airport (which is in Windsor Locks, not Hartford), but there wasn't anything too exciting that I ever saw. Not much in between the airport and Middletown that's near the highway. Look for threads on Middletown, there's lots of places there as brookerme suggested.

      1. What airport? Bradley International (practically in Springfield, MA...but called Hartford on your airline ticket) or Brainard which is a tiny airport that's actually IN Hartford?

        1. Heading down 91 towards Middletown, thai restaurant

          Wethersfield/Rocky Hill exit down the Silas Deane. Then you can hop back on the highway to 91/Route 9 to get to Middletown.

          There's plenty of places to eat in Middletown while you are at the conference.
          Very casual, great food.

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            Clarification, yes I am flying into Bradley.

            Thanks for the recommendations, Thai and Indian sound great!