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Sep 24, 2008 02:39 PM

reception venue for 300

I represent a group of Brits who are looking to hold a reception in LA next June during a conference at the downtown convention centre.
We are looking at about 300 guests and probably around $60 a head. What we'd really like is great location, open bar (hey, we're British) and a small amount of good quality canap├ęs. If there was some kind of Brit-link for the location even better but we would want to avoid British-pub type venues. Anyway, that's not essential.
Someone suggested the casa del mar in Santa Monica and they can do something in our price range but I don't know whether asking people to travel out that way from the downtown area is realistic with the traffic/ distance. It would be around 9-11pm mid-week.
Can any locals help with any suggestions for good places. It's hard trying to plan this without being able to check places out for ourselves

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  1. the drinks at casa del mar won't be cheap. . .

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      It's a long drive from downtown to Santa Monica, especially for that many people.

      Call Cicada (617 S. Olive St., (213) 655-5559). They have a separate roof top area that can accomdate that many people. As far as canapes, you'll have to ask them.

    2. Casa del Mar won't be $60/head with an open bar, more like $200/head.

      Look into the Figueroa Hotel poolside. It should be in your budget. Another idea is Elevate, which has a spectacular view, but the $60/head will probably only accomodate the food, not the drinks.

      1. Try the Olympic Collection. its in West LA just off the 405 and 10 on Olympic Blvd.
        they can totally accommodate you.

        1. The original comment has been removed