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Sep 24, 2008 02:31 PM

Looking for a whole "lechon"

Went to new Porchettta on 7th street last night, and had most amazing roast pork sandwich. The pork was so good that it made me want to change the entire menu for a party I'm having on Saturday. I'm now looking for a whole roast pig (let) to serve just as hot, delicious meat piled onto delicious buns, and thinking that a 'lechon' might just work.

A friend at work tells me it's the Colombians who excel at the lechons, and if I want a whole one, I'd have to hook up with a Colombian restaurant/caterer. I don't have a ton of cash to spend, and am guessing that a lechon will be around $150-$200. Has anyone on Chow ever ordered one and know of a good place? Or anyone eaten any particularly good roast pork and can steer me to a place?

I've been googling away, and not really finding much - I live in Harlem and plan on doing a walk around 116th on my way home to see if any take-away places look promising.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. It's not "lechon," but Daisy May's will deliver a half or whole BBQ pig. The whole pig is a good deal more than $200, though.

    1. after tasting whole roasted pigs all over the world, I have to say the the ones who excel doing lechon are the puerto ricans, the puerto rican lechon has the most amazing seasoning (cuban, colombian or dominican lechon is not nearly as good), but i have not found it here in the city. However a went to an amazing pig roasting al El rincon criollo (do not confuse with the cuban place in queens)/ La casa de chema the Bronx about a year ago. But given that you live in Harlem maybe you should just call La fonda boricua (116 and Lex) and ask them if they know someone who sells a whole "lechon asado a la vara".

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        Lechonera Sandy might be able to do a whole lechon.

      2. I would suggest that you try a Filipino restaurant. My cousin orders his lechon from Fiesta restaurant in Jersey City. The skin is crunchy and the meat is very tender. If you can't make it to Jersey City, try the Filipino restaurants along Roosevelt Avenue and 69th Street or you may even try a Filipino store like Cindee's in Hollis. At big family gatherings, there's always lechon! My father has also ordered lechon from this guy in Queens who had set up several pits in his backyard. All the guy did was make lechon throughout the week.

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          Thanks everyone, this really helps - I feel like i have a better starting point. I also thought about some of the Portuguese places on Ferry Street in Newark. Thank goodness we have wheels!

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            Did you find a place? I was thinking about getting a lechon as well for my birthday and could really use some suggestions. The party will be in Williamsburg, but I am willing to pay a delivery fee or rent a car or something.

            I remember Time Out having a short blurb about a place in Chinatown that does one for $5.50 a pound, but can't find the article. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

            Thanks so much!

        2. Filipino's have the best Lechon. And being a Boriqua, that's a hard admission to make!

          1. Filipinos excel in lechon also, so do Cubans.
            Cafesito (Cuban) does a lechon.
            In Queens Tito Rad's does, and Manny's Bakeshop does.( Filipino)
            Brooklyn Awesome Swine is worth a shot (Chinese chef, Carolina BBQ style)