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Sep 24, 2008 02:21 PM

Sunday in Newport, RI (breakfast and lunch)

I'm heading up to Newport this weekend for a friend's wedding and will half of Sunday free to grab breakfast/brunch and lunch. I'm looking for suggestions for a good breakfast/brunch place, being New Yorkers, we love all kinds of breakfast food. Is there a great place to grab breakfast? Bonus points for a cute, local type place. Don't want to really leave the town though as we don't have that much time.

We are also looking for a good, casual lunch. Is there a good pub or burger place that is worth stopping by? Thanks.

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  1. For breakfast, Annie's on Bellevue Avenue, Franklin Spa on Spring St., and Gary's Handy Lunch on Thanes Street. The last two are local favorites. Annie's is more upscale. Have fun.

    1. Our favorite is the Atlantic Grill between 1st and 2nd beach in Middletown. Totally worth the short drive. In town we like the Corner Cafe on Broadway and Norey's also on Broadway.

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        Second all three of your recommendations - Atlantic Grill is less than a five minute drive from downtown Newport. Norey's only serves breakfast on Sundays- their pancakes are thin and have crispy edges - ask for real maple syrup.

      2. The food at Gary's Handy Lunch is crap (see photo). However, it is reasonably priced.