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What's your favorite thing to eat in Manhattan right now?

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For me it's gotta be the pan fried dumplings at Mandoo Bar in Korea Town

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  1. Mine are the chicken mushroom dumplings from Vanessa's on 14th Street

    1. It's a tossup between banh mi at Paris Sandwich or tortas anywhere I can find 'em.

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      1. re: JungMann

        You prefer Paris to Saigon or #1 for a Banh Mi , if so why?

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          Paris is convenient to where I shop, so it so happens that I get my banh mi there. I have definitely been meaning to try Saigon and #1 both, but the latter was closed when I went for a visit last night. They are high on my list of places to try before the weather turns.

          1. re: JungMann

            I don't mind to be offensive, but I have to say the banh mi at Paris is really bad. The bread was rubbery and the meat was flavorless...

            Their other desserts were ok though, just not the banh mi

            1. re: kobetobiko

              So I actually haven't been to Paris Sandwich. Apparently I have been going to Saigon this entire time, but normally refer to it as "The place in the back of the jewelry store." I've heard mixed reviews about Paris and encountered some serious fans and haters, but I still want to try them for myself along with #1.

            2. re: JungMann

              Saigon is on the same block as Paris. It shouldn't be too much out of the way for you. I haven't had Paris, but Saigon is my favorite in Chinatown.

        2. Over the past four weeks I've been going to Artichoke once a week at lunch and getting a slice of their sicilian pie. It's becoming an awesomely dangerous and addictive habit.

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          1. re: Spends Rent on Food

            I ordered a whole sicilian pie last week. It was dangerous, it's too good not to eat. It's fantastic cold and reheats very well. It's my weakness!

            1. re: heWho

              Just FYI, leftover pizza freezes really well.

              Right now, my favorite thing to eat in Manhattan may be roomali/kati rolls.

          2. Cupcakes at Batch, on west 10th Street. The Carrot/caramel, Vanilla, and Chocolate especially.

            The serve-yourself yogurt at Yogurtland on Bleeker. Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee are better than ice cream. And the serve-yourself machines are a great idea.

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              I like the self serve at 16 Handles better, they have a peanut butter flavour that's pretty good.

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                Don't you dare say Yogurtland to me. I've been going there every day! I love mango and taro!

                1. re: DarthEater

                  I also prefer Yogurtland to 16 Handles. I like the tart flavors, and I found some flavors like mint or mango to be very artificial.

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    I finally tried 16 handles and I didn't like it. I hate their mango flavor. Their flavors makes me want to throw up. It also costs more per ounce.

                    Back to yogurtland!

              2. Now that the weather is cooler, heavier foods are starting to taste wonderful, again. Of the lowbrau variety, the currywurst and mashed potatoes from Hallo Berlin, which I just had for lunch, are definitely high on the list -- esp. since I forgot to eat dinner last night, didn't have time for a real breakfast, and was really hungry! Possibly almost anything would've tasted great. Even so, there's no denying that the body-warming deliciousness of that juicy, warm, sausage-y spurt you get when you first bite into the wurst is just wonderful on a cold day like today, under any circumstance. (Get your minds out of the gutter, kids.)

                1. It's a toss up between the truffle egg at Per Se, the brussel sprout leaves side at Perilla, and the foie gras burger at Robuchon!

                  Now I'm hungry!

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                    Robuchon's carmelized eel with foie gras is amazing. Ditto for the quail stuffed with foie gras. "NYC only" foods like Kossar's bialies are right up there too . . .

                  2. Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Cafe Zaiya.

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                      I keep eating Cafe Zaiya's una-don at least twice a week. (Eel is awesome.)

                      As for a sweet, Abraco's cured olive cookie is crack to me. I can't stop eating it whenever I do drop in.


                      1. re: chocokitty

                        I like the tuna and spicy tuna sandwich at cafe zaiya, I use to eat that all the time.

                    2. I am addicted to Falai's passion fruit souffle and had it again with my SO last week . . .

                      1. Bahn mi from saigon bakery.
                        cappuccino at abracao.

                        1. The Ceasar salad topped with fried egg at Spigolo at 81st/2nd-now served as a special only-hope chef brings it back as a regualr menu item!! Also the Lobster Fra diavlo with spaghetti at Ciao Bella on 85th/2nd-so yummy!

                            1. re: banjolinana

                              Oh Mole is excellent. Burrito Enchilado with Carnitas is what I always get (it's awesome). Mole is wonderful.

                            2. Rice balls at Faicco's Pork Store on Bleeker. Best rice balls in the tristate area (beats all I've had in Brooklyn, Bronk, and SI). They're often still warm.

                              Best $0.75 you'll ever spend.

                              1. An early supper of Kampuchea sandwiches (especially the spicy bacon, naturally) followed by dessert at Il Laboratorio del Gelato (ricotta, if they have it). The perfect meal.

                                1. Arepas at the Caracas Arepa bar - it's worth the wait! They are so delicious and the sauce they give you on the side is to die for. I've tried 4 or 5 different arepa combos and I love them all. I highly recommend it.

                                  1. uni handroll at Yasuda or Prime rib/Cobb salad at Keen's

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                                      Ohh... I love that gush of uni you get when you bite into the handroll. That's a good one. Also tasty at Soto.

                                      1. re: cimui

                                        I'm biting into it as soon as he hands it to me but somehow the uni has already melted/mixed into the rice so you get that gush plus the crunchiness/crispiness of the seaweed (love that contrast) as well as the rice that seems to be completely coated in uni.

                                    2. the creamy polenta app at scarpetta mixed with the sliced braised short rib app. i order both and don't share.

                                      1. Champagne grape pizza from Grandaisy. For me it is the ultimate raisin bread. If you have not tried it, hurry hurry hurry, I mean go this very second because the season is pretty much over!

                                        1. I've got a new one and man oh man is this good. From Ali Baba, on 34th between 2nd and 3rd:

                                          "Ali Baba Special Pide A thick round dough crust stuffed turkish pastrami, turkish sausage, ground meat, topped with kashar cheese and egg."

                                          From what I can tell, this is essentially Turkish pizza minus the tomato sauce. An extremely delicious "stuffed dough" (I'd think of it almost like a thicker version of flat bread... almost like Boboli, except it tastes good... is stuffed with delicious fatty meats, topped with a nice, melty cheese, small bits of cooked egg, and whole stalks of parsley. The whole thing just works together, it was phenomenal... the potential greasiness of the meat is played off by the bread, the egg is just right on top, and for the first time ever, I've had a dish where parsley just makes it happen. The bitterness of the whole stalk of parsley is beautiful (I can't believe I'm typing this).

                                          Try this dish!!

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                                            The stuffed pides at Ali Baba are outstanding. Good call. My favorite thing to eat currently is Brussels sprouts. I'm so glad to see them popping up on menus across town. Favorites are at L'Artusi and Momofuku.


                                          2. Jamon Iberico de Bellota at Despana. Despana is a little Spanish deli-style store and they serve Iberico de Bellota which is absolutely amazing. They also serve some warm small plates and sandwiches made with their meats that are very tasty.

                                            408 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

                                            1. Sloppy bao sandwich from Baoguette

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                                                Wow, really glad to hear such an endorsement. The times I've been to Baogutte I got chicken and pork. I stopped by last week, around 8pm in hopes of trying the spicy catfish, but they were out of bread. I'll have to try the Sloppy Bao instead!