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Sep 24, 2008 02:00 PM

Places like Green St

I liked Green St Grill in Cambridge. Can someone suggest places that are similar, ie good drinks, food & casual? Thanks!

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  1. Get yourself to the B-Side Lounge in Cambridge before they close! The wait staff hasn't even been informed that they'll be closing yet, but the last I heard, it'll probably be November. They started the cocktail revolution in Boston many years ago, and I think theirs are the best in town after No. 9 Park. The place is dark, with lots of booths. Stick with the comfort food, like mac & cheese or fried chicken and you'll be happy.

    In Kenmore Sq., there's Eastern Standard, another place renowned for its cocktails. I think the food is better than at Green St. and B-Side, and the atmosphere is different: big, lively, more upscale, but not formal. You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu here, although I've heard their brunch is just so-so.

    1. Deep Ellum in Allston, serious beer-geek bar that also does terrific classic cocktails. Food has gotten steadily better over time; there's even decent modest wines. Nice patio to catch before it gets too cold.

      Others on this general tip: Savant Project, Alchemist Lounge, Chez Henri (though it's small and usually painfully crowded), Audubon Circle (best avoided pre- and post-Sox games), Silvertone, the bar at Restaurant Marliave, Franklin Cafe, bar at Gargoyles. Bar at Eastern Standard is a bit pricier and swankier looking, but is still plenty casual and serves extraordinary cocktails.

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        Going to totally ruin this, but was at Chez Henri on Friday night and we were able to get a seat in the bar within 10 minutes - not crowded at all - also lots of room in the restaurant. As usual, great cocktails - correctly fried cod fritters, another dish I liked so much I can't remember and the cubano (which is still not the best cubano in my book, but still a darn good sandwich. It's just too clean).

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          I recommend Audubon Circle as well. Been there a few times in the last two months. Never had anything to eat but sat at the bar on both occasions and enjoyed a few drinks. The staff is friendly and the vibe is pretty chill.

        2. Some of my favorite restaurants of this ilk:
          Highland Kitchen
          Precinct (technically a bar, but with pretty good food)
          The Independent
          Cafe D (before it closed...where will Doug end up?)
          Hungry Mother
          bar at Blue Room
          bar at Central Kitchen

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            Second Highland Kitchen. Hungry Mother can be hit and miss with cocktailery, but the food is great. What about River Gods? Totally different ilk?

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              Not much mention of Vee Vee in JP lately but I imagine it might fall in this category of restaurant. I've not been...any recent visits by anyone, good or bad?

            2. Goods lists.
              Add The Independent in Union Sq. Choose between dark cozy bar and sleek dining room with its own bar.

              1. Tons of great recs above. On my side of the river, I'll specifically second the bars at Chez Henri and Gargoyles, as well as Highland Kitchen.

                Along the River Gods tip, the Druid in Inman Square is a terrific little Irish pub with notably great food. Top notch fish 'n' chips, and quite possibly my favorite hamburger in town.

                I'll also throw West Side Lounge on the pile. I don't like it as well as Green St, but the cocktail craft and food are certainly nothing to sneeze at either.

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                1. re: finlero

                  I find myself at the Druid getting a late-night pint a lot, but never manage to get anything to eat there.(I did have that uniquely-seasoned burger once and liked it.) I have to explore more of that menu.

                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    Speaking as a carnivore, I love the Druid's veggie burger. Also, the shepherd's pie.