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Parker House?

Anyone heard anything about Parker House? I just passed it on 6th the other day - doesn't look close to opening, but a friend mentioned they are hiring, so must be opening soon.

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  1. It opening mid-October. As far as I know, part of the dining room is in the basement (like Tribune). So, maybe that is why it doesn't look like too much yet?

    1. Just so everybody knows, this is in Calgary on the main floor of the Lougheed Building, 6th Ave side at the SE corner of 6th Ave and 1st St SW.

      This place will be MASSIVE.

      1. I heard it was a New England cuisine. Should open soon.

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          Is there a website yet? I would love to see what the food is going to be. Is it going to be as big as Rush?

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            Mr. Good Soup:

            Help me out. What is New England cuisine? I think of chowder or is it "chawdah", Boston beans, corned beef and cabbage, lobter boils and clam bakes....

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              Part of it is Greek pizza, and we probably actually have more of that per capita than New England has...

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              They started hiring hourly staff. It must be soon now!

            3. Just FYI - opening is scheduled for Oct 22.
              Background story in the Calgary Herald today (in the business section).

              Link: http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/n...

              1. FYI Website: http://www.parkerhouse.ca/
                It has no content yet.

                Does anyone know if it opened on schedule?

                1. Parkerhouse did open on schedule.
                  I went in for lunch. The food or the service isn't up to par yet, but I imagine it will be in no time. Gorgeous dining room, very open with lots of light from the huge windows.

                  1. They've been open a week now. The decor is very nice, food is uneven but good overall and the prices are very reasonable, especially considering the location. Friendly waitress, tries hard but could use a little more training.

                    I liked it, I'd recommend trying it. I'll go again in a month or so when they've had some time to work out the kinks.

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                      What kind of cuisine are they serving?

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                        They call it "New England style".

                        I'm totally going by not-great memory, but there's a lot of appies like soup, crab dip, oysters done 3 ways. Pizzas (the one I had was really a flatbread and the toppings were loosely placed on top not baked on, not sure if they were all like that) priced around $15. Pastas in the $12 to $24 range. A lot of seafood entrees that sounded interesting in the $22+ range. A few meat items like ham, baked beans, again around $22+ the most expensive entree was bison ossobucco at $40, although the loster was "market price" so likely more. The steaks were interesting, 3 different cuts of meat (I think it was filet, new york and rib eye) in three different grades including a choice of sauce. Lots of wines with reasonable markups starting around $35.

                        Pretty large menu with lots of options. I'm pretty sure it will be posted on their website soon.

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                          Thanks! Sounds interesting.

                    2. Ate at Parkerhouse tonight for dinner and it was great!
                      I have eaten there before, but it was lunch during their opening week, so the experience was only par.
                      This time, hoewever, was really nice! We went on a Sunday night, it was so realxed! Food and service is finally up to the level it should be. Plus, the prices are great! There were two of us and we had three courses with drinks for each course and the bill was just over $100. Can't complain about that!