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Sep 24, 2008 01:34 PM

Sushi before the Jays Game

I am heading to the Jays game tomorrow night with some sushi lovers from Vancouver. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good sushi restaurant that is within walking distance to the game? We're coming from the Church/Adelaide area, but does anyone have a suggestion, other than Nami?

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  1. Sakura Ichiban at Jarvis and Adelaide is decent (Nami is fancier & pricier), and Nami's chic'er sister restaurant, Takesushi is on Front near Yonge. Hiro is in the area, but they can be hit and miss.....

    1. Ematei has great authentic sushi and other Japanese delights. St. Patrick St. & Queen St.

      30 Saint Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5T3A3, CA

      1. I live next to the Rogers Centre and eat sushi at least once a week and I can tell you that the only good sushi place within walking distance is Guirei, on Queen's Quay (east of Bathurst). The servers can be inattentive, but the kitchen is fast, the selection is great, and the sushi is fantastic. As an added bonus, they always bring out a few extra menu items at no charge.

        1. Toshi Sushi on King, near Portland is a small spot, but the chef is Japanese and it's probably the best within walking distance of the Skydome (or whatever it's called these days).

          1. My vote is for Takesushi at Yonge and Front.

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              Pescatarian> a little off topic...In one of your earlier posts you mentioned The Manor Sunday Brunch in Aurora. Do you know exactly where they are located?..I think it may be a place I am looking for. Thanx.

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                  Pesca...>That's the place. U rock man..thanx.