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Sep 24, 2008 01:04 PM

Where is the Cheapest Farmers' Market in RI?

Hey everyone. Can you tell me where I can find the cheapest farmers' market? I love shopping from the markets, but it can get really expensive if you go every week.

Any thoughts?

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  1. In South Providence, on Broad St. there's a really cheap farmers' market Saturday mornings. It not just inexpensive for a farmers' market, but I think some produce is cheaper than the grocery store. Items available for $1.00: head of lettuce, 3 green peppers, bunch of basil, 2 onions, 2 bulbs of garlic, bunch of cooking greens, and more! Also available: lemongrass, cilantro, Thai basil, chili peppers, lime leaves, figs, sweet potato leaves, water spinach, tat soi, mustard greens, long opo squash, pumpkins, purple corn, melon, pears, apples, grapes, peaches and plums.

    Definitely check it out!
    Saturdays 9am-1pm 807 Broad St.

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      In addition, I OFTEN find farmers' markets cheaper or comparable to the supermarket, especially if you really compare apples to apples (or lettuce to lettuce... ba-dum-ching!). Seriously though, apples are a great example, often $1/lb at market or farmstand and considerably more at the supermarket. And remember, sometimes you may be comparing an organic product ot a nonorganic. You may be wasting less with the wilted or dried out bits you get at the store.

      At the VERY least I break even between the cheaper and pricier items.

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        Is the stuff any good or is it just more affordable. I am debating whether to go to the hope st market or to broad street. Not really interested in prepared foods or farmstead laiterie cheeses, just meats, produce, eggs etc...

        How do the two compare in terms of price and quality?

        1. re: Sambossanova

          I have to say, I'm finding the Hope St market pricey -- and I really want to support it. The produce is excellent, but jeez, it's a lot more than places like Four Town Farms, which grows most of the stuff it sells.

      2. It seems to me, and I could be wrong, that most of the farmer's markets have comparable prices, because mostly the same farms travel from market to market. There are some differences, of course, but I can't imagine the prices are that different.

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        1. re: dagwood

          Some farmer's markets in underserved neighborhoods that lack a grocery store are often subsidized. Might be the case with the one on the south side.

          1. re: Sambossanova

            excellent point, I had not thought of that.

          2. re: dagwood

            And you should probably consider your cost to get to a cheaper market.

          3. Folks...OMG..I casn;t believe this point of view...

            the point of a farmers market is to support the local economy and the farmers who can;t compete with the big conventional companies who make a carbon footprint the size of Rhode Island in order to truck their pesticide and fertilzen laided products cross country in gas induced boxcars.

            Quit bitchen and do your part to ensure we HAVE local farms and vendors in the future...

            It isn;t about the money..its about having a life...and growing stuff on your own is far from cheap...give them their due...

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            1. re: sodagirl

              It is about the money when you're trying to make ends meet. You might be in a position to not be concerned about how much you're spending on food, but most people aren't. I know I avoid certain markets, and certain vendors at the markets I do frequent, because I simply can't afford enough food for the week at the prices they charge. Knowing which markets and which vendors are in my price range allows me to do my part to ensure we have local farms and vendors in the future.

              1. re: sodagirl

                I understand your point, and I'll spend a little extra money to support our farms. But the prices at Hope St market seemed extraordinary to me. And last weekend I went to the Union Square Market in NYC and everything was a TON cheaper. We must be doing something wrong. Those farmers are making a go of it.

              2. I would give a plug to an Asian woman (sorry to use ethnicty as my only descrpitor, but I don't know her name!) who sets up a stand at the Brown market Wednesdays and the the Pawtucket market (I think on Sundays?). Everything I've gotten from her was pretty inexpensive.

                I think the Armory market on Thursdays in general is cheaper than any of the ones on the East Side.

                There was also a stand at Hope High that sells things in bulk for quite cheap. I got a half bushel of tomatoes for $10 and they were selling 50 pound bags of tomatoes for $15.

                I think in general, if you look around and compare prices from stand to stand you can find some pretty good deals, usually cheaper than Whole Foods and sometimes cheaper than Stop & Shop. In general of course the quality is much better --always much fresher--though not every product will blow you away.