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Sep 24, 2008 12:53 PM

Colonia Condesa, DF Argentine Restaurants

We will spending the weekend in Mexico City. Sunday, the second full day, we'll be walking with friends in and around Parque México. We would like to finish our paseo at an Argentine or Uruguayan restaurant within walking range. (We are good walkers.)

What appeals to me is a combination of Argentine cuts of beef plus Italian pastas and pizzas, plus good salads. A good wine list is secondary.

So far, I've found references and listings of Parrilladas Bariloche, Bodegón Escarapela, and Parrilla Quilmes. Not far away is La Casita de Buenos Aires. I have no way of judging these restaurants without the help of someone who has eaten there.


Parrilla Quilmes

Parrilladas Bariloche

Comida Argentina: Condesa-Escandón.

Gracias en antemano.

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  1. Good timing for this question! I just ate at Escarapela yesterday.

    I went with a business partner who says it's one of his favorite Argentinean restaurants. It's a cute little spot with about 8 tables. Very busy at lunchtime (2 - 4ish).

    The steak was great, but I had to send it back for a bit more cooking, as it was walk-off-your-plate rare. Came with a basic salad and warm homemade bread.

    They have pizzas and empanadas as well, what you would expect. I would recommend it.

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    1. re: JulietInDF

      Thank you, Juliet. We'll probably go there, both on your recommendation and its convenient location.

      I DO, however, have a promotional coupon for Parrilladas Bariloche, which I haven't yet puzzled out.
      At any rate, I'd hope that the Bariloche place has no connection with the rough and ready place with a similar name in the Bazar de Oro, off of Insurgentes.

      I'll report back on our experiences.

      1. re: Anonimo

        Bariloche is good - it is actually Urugauyan. Our neighbor who is Argentine, likes La Casa de Buenos Aires, and so do I.

    2. Our plans changed as our friend got a cold. We decided to postpone our Parque México Argentine restaurant visit to another time.
      I'm saving all this information for later.

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        I don't know if they reopened (reopening was schedule for sometime in October) but one of my favorite place is an Uruguayan restaurant called Don Asado. Very good quality and affordable price... if you're postponing there is more chance that it'll be open.
        The place ususally gets very crowded at peek hours and you can't make a reservation (it's on a first come first served basis) so either get there early (or later)

      2. Escarapela is decent and well-priced. Certainly it's in a great location for your walk, when you end up being able to do it. One thing to note is that it's pretty normal to find steaks undercooked according to US standards of what med rare, med, etc. is. I usually find that if I order medium, I get what is solidly med rare in the US. Diez is also a decent choice in the area, although not the most convenient to Parque Espana. I have to agree, though, that Don Asado is the best by far. Last time I walked by it wasn't open, but their second location in Polanco on Petrarca is hopping.

        1. We finally got our wish, and based on this thread and others elsewhere, as well as personal recommendations from friends, we went to Parrilla Quilmes on Avenida Alfonso Reyes, last Sunday afternoon. The big Mexico-USA fútbol game was starting, and the restaurant's staff and patrons were animated as they watched the big screen TVs.

          The atmosphere is casual and European in feel. The waithers are mostly young and tend to speak very quickly. Our amiga Mexicana was able to get ours to slow down enough to explain the menu so that we could make good choices.

          In the end, we started with a couple of very good empanadas; one filled with Roquefort and onion was outstandng while the other of roast beef was pretty good.

          We chose two orders for the three of us; on a "vacío" for two or more, served on a wooden cutting board, and described as "fibrous, juicy, with a little fat, and very tasty." A good description. It's sort of a flank steak or hanger steak.

          The other cut, "Bife de Lomo", was smoother and more compactly grained, and more tender.
          We had a choice of a simple salad or French fried potatoes, so we chose one of each. Both were simple and nicely done.

          There were small containers of Salsa Chimichurrí and an interesting and more picante Salsa Roja on the table, as well as a bottle of a so-so mustard sauce.
          The bread was better than average: crisp crusted teleras in a basket.

          We had a bottle of Argentine wine, and the bill came to around $930 MXN before tip.

          Definitely worthwhile, although my wife said she prefers our old neighborhood favorite, the cozier and more intimate La Parrila Argentina, on Calle Manzanillo #81, Col. Roma Sur. For me, it's a bit hard to compare as we'd always eaten at Parrila Argentina later, not on a a fútbol Sunday.

          Photos from Parrilla Quilmes

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          1. re: Anonimo

            Anonimo, the last 2 links didn't work for me on a T1 computer hook-up.

            A cut of meat sort of in-between Flank and Hangar is the wildly popular and trendy Flat Iron. Have no idea if your Vacio could be a related cousin to Flat Iron, but the description sounds pretty similar. Surprisingly tender, very flavorful.

            1. re: DiningDiva

              DD; I have no idea why those links don't work. But I reorganized the pics into their own, "public" album, here:

              See also a few of "La Embajada Jarocha", of which I will report ahorita.


          2. I walked by Parilla Quilmes last week, it looked packed and smelled delicious. The Spanish restaurant next to it was even more busy. Glad to hear about these places.