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Sep 24, 2008 12:11 PM

Central Location in Boston

Hello All,

I'm hosting a speaker program, therefore I need a restaurant with a private room. I plan to have approximately 30 attendees. I will have attendees coming from all over Boston (Gov't Ctr, Fenway/Kenmore, Downtown, North End, etc.) and Brookline. What would be a good venue that would be easily accessble to everyone? Also, which place would inspire foodies to make the trip worthwhile.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Would help to know how many folks you're expecting.

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    1. re: Taralli

      Somewhere around 30 pp. Thanx!

      1. re: JNice

        Meant to ask per person budget.

    2. Turner Fisheries has a private function room, and is a short walk from the Copley T stop, which is pretty central to the areas you mention.

      The pictures make the room look quite large, so they must be able to section areas off, because times I have been to the restaurant and looked in, it looked like a large conference room.

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      1. re: StevieC

        Turner Fisheries sounds like a great idea! I'll contact them tomorrow.

        1. re: JNice

          I went to a holiday function at Turner's private room. It is very separated from the rest of the restaurant and reminded me of a conference room. You may want to go take a look at it then decide. As far as the function itself went, no complaints, but not raving either.

      2. It's pricey, but the Capitol Grill on Newbury near the corner of Mass Ave has a private room that seats about 30 - 40 people. Not exactly Chowish but it would certainly be a draw for most non-vegetarians.

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          Scampo in the Liberty Hotel has a private room about that size. Not sure if the location/budget work, but the space would.

        2. Great Bay at the Commonwealth Hotel in Kenmore has a number of private rooms.