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Where to find great wings?

I love a basket of wings (hot) and have tried many different bars. I live downtown, play hockey in etobicoke and have been known to drive great distances to try something. Who has the best wings?

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  1. Here's a recent thread that will help: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/99332

    Actually, I should say that it's a long, old thread with recent posts. :)

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      Definitely read the thread, but let me quickly suggest Chaps on Fairview in Burlington (maybe a 40 minute drive from Etobicoke). Had them again on Sunday-----best wings I've ever had.

    2. Best wings are the ones that use Defcon Wing Sauce. Whether fried, baked or grilled.

      This sauce has revolutionized the wing. No restaurant uses it. If you are lucky you can find some at Taste the 4th Sense on the Danforth - or for sure at www.defconsauces.com.

      I order wings naked at Duff's at put Defcon on it (Defcon #1 mixed with Defcon Deathmatch sauce). If I know I am going out for wings - I just bring it with me. It will turn a mediocre wing into a excellent wing, and excellent wing into a.........you see where this is going.

        1. Squirrely's on Queen West has amazing (grilled) wings!

          810 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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            I keep hearing that...do you know if they have a wing night on Thursdays? How do theirs compare to McSorley's grilled wings?

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              i will take you up on that and drop in to squirrel'y for a sample...i read most of the post that was started in 2003, very usfeul info...i went to school in buffalo and tried just about every place...the size of an average wing in buffalo is well..bigger than here and at times made me wonder...i order the sauce from the anchor bar by the case..it works out to be $6 a bottle...not bad considering taxes and frieght...use it myself and give it to wings lovers.

          2. If you are in the west end - Clarkson Pump and Patio - not breaded and very good. A second place is Rubicon again in Clarkson just a bit further west - they have the best Jerk wings.


            1. If you're willing to drive great distances to try something - check out the Beaver and Bulldog (locations in 'Sauga, and Hamilton, I've only been to the Hamilton one). They have 30+ unique flavours: http://www.beaverandbulldog.com/menu/..., and plenty in the 'hot' zone. So far this is my fav wings place.

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                I have found Turtle Jacks to have good wings, especially the New York Butter and the Thai Chili. Stores in Brampton, Burlington, Mississauga, etc. I'm not sure I would have much else there.

                The other great order in wings are Wings Up! Really good sauces and great service.

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                  Hey breakme1, which sauce would you recommend at Wings Up!?

              2. Try Sneaky Dee's at College and Bathurst on Mondays for their wing and beer special. I've been to Anchor Bar in Buffalo and found I prefer the wings at Sneak's. It's for those who like their wings plump, juicy and meaty instead of small, dry and overcooked.

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                  funny you post that because i was just talking to my co-worker about sneaky dee's today. it is an old haunt and i remember consuming 3 things there...fries, beer and smoke...but he says the food is good espically the nachos..i was at duffs yesterday after not being able to find squirrelys..so i will take you up on the idea as its close to home...

                2. Hey Guys,

                  I have to agree with humian . . . I have had wings in most of the regular joints in Toronto and Buffalo and I really like sneaky Dee's They are really Big and they are always perfectly cooked . . . I also like their sauce as it is not too vinegary which I find in alot of the wing sauces around town...and yes they do make a great nachos as well as a great breakfast...


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                    Good to know...I like Sneaky Dee's for old time's sake.

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                      I too have had wings from most places in the city. For those looking for hot wings, order wings naked and have a bottle of Defcon Sauce nearby. Seriously, the most revolutionary thing to hit wings since the Anchor Bar. Defcon 3 is mild, Defcon 2 - medium and Defcon 1 hot. There is a Defcon 0 - but be warned about that. Try Taste the 4th Sense on the Danforth for Defcon 1-2-3. The rest can be found at www.defconsauces.com.

                      There was a Defcon Death Match Day in Toronto 2 years ago and it was a huge success. I believe this is really a chowhound find but it is tough to get here. I hate to see fellow Torontonians deprived of something so amazing.

                      Ya ya sales pitch aside try it and you will be a believer.

                  2. I'm not actually often to big up a chain restaurant, but Jack Astor's Buffalo chicken fingers are about the closest I've tasted to some of the regular joints I've been to in Buffalo. Too many wing joints mess up the sauce by using chili pepper instead of cayenne. Adding all kinds of variations. Someone at head office did their research.

                    1. Red Rockets in Hamilton...take-out only though