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Sep 24, 2008 11:50 AM

Ploy Thai & Spicy Shallot

I had Lunch at Ploy Thai (Elmhurst) and ordered from the Specials the Pork Leg. It was very good and an enormous portion (took 1/2 home). Excellent Service. On the way home, I decided to walk along Woodside Ave and discovered Spicy Shallot at 7701 Woodside. I walked in to get a menu and the place was very crowded at 2PM with at least 25 dining and this is a fairly remote area. The place looks new and is bright & attractive. The Menu is Thai & Sushi and quite extensive and very reasonabe prices. The Lunch Special is $6.50. I plan to visit very soon for Lunch.

The Indonesian Restaurant across the street was empty which is neither bright or attractive.

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  1. The Indonesian Restaurant across the street is Upi Jaya which has been recommended here many times. It never gets a lunch crowd, especially at off-hours. imho it's the best Indonesian restaurant in the city. And yes, I believe I've tried them all, although all I've ever had from the cultural center on Broadway is leftovers.

    Shallot has been there for a couple of years. I've been there twice. Based on that limited sample, they weren't any better than any of the other Thai restaurants in Elmhurst. They seem to want to be a sushi restaurant for their Thai customers. With Sripraphai so close, it's hard to recommend Shallot.

    Thanks for the recommendation of Ploy Thai.

    1. spicy shallot is also open late. pretty enticing for a midnight jaunt, with a much better atmosphere than zabber zabber.
      It's so close to me, but I still havent been there yet. looks pretty cool and it's very close to me... there's just too many "best thais in nyc" in the area to put it on priority for me.

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        Spicy Shallot is good for two dishes in my opinion. Their Seafood Spicy Basil Noodle - which is sniffles-inducing spicy and their creme brulee cheesecake, which unfortunately, they've been running out of the last two times I was there. Everything else seems pretty standard. My friends are also impressed with their humongous Thai Ice teas in a beer mug.

        1. re: sc207

          I visited Spicy Shallot for the first time today for Lunch. I had soup that was chicken base with a very light dumplings and Black Noodle with asian broccoli, soy sauce and pork that was excellent. The Lunch $6.50. Excellent service by a very young staff. I plan to return soon and next time will order your suggestion of Seafood Spicy Basil Noodle. I live on 77th St so it's a short walk. I've been to Sripraphai often which is very good and I will return but a change every so often is good. I've never had a good Lunch at Arunee or Rice (I only do Lunches) but I understand dinner at Arunee is good. The Pad Thai Menu at Spicy Shallot is interesting (choice of seafood, soft shell crab, scallop, duck, salmon, crab meat shrimp tempura and beef ball).