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Sep 24, 2008 11:48 AM

Pork Tenderloin Tonight

Can;t decide what to do with it. What are your favorite recipes?

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  1. My favourite is Bon Appetit's Orange Chipotle Pork Tenderloin.

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    1. re: sarah galvin

      I second this suggestion!! This is a fabulous and easy recipe. It leaves my guests begging for the recipe.

      1. re: sheilal

        Me three.
        You van easuly halve the quantity of sauce.

        1. re: maria lorraine

          I'm trying this recipe soon, until now my favorite was the Grilled Chipotle Pork Tenderloin which I make in the summer. This sounds like a great winter version.

    2. I enjoy making a savory fruit based sauce with pork. Try searing seasoned pork on all sides to brown. Finish cooking to medium or med/well in oven...meanwhile..caramelize sliced sweet onions and deglaze the pan with some port wine, then add chicken stock and cherry preserves. Add a buerre manie to thicken it.
      I also made a pork with blackberry and tarragon sauce that was delicious:

      1. Marinate in soy sauce, apple cider, mustard, garlic, savory (or thyme) and chopped onion for anywhere from 2-24 hours. I just slosh it around in a ziploc baggie, then put in the meat and force out the air. Never really measure, but probably a quarter cup each of the liquid and onion to a tsp mustard, quarter tsp each of garlic powder and savory. Subs like teriyaki for soy, OJ or thinned unsweetened applesauce for cider, are all fine. Dry off the marinated meat,(reserve marinade) sear all over in olive oil in an ovenproof pan, then place pan in preheated 375 degree oven for 15-20 minutes, to temp of 160. Using garlic powder rather than crushed garlic is so you don't get scorched garlic. Remove meat to platter and cover loosely with tin foil. Add reserved marinade, reduce it at a simmer, tasting after a few minutes of cooking. You want to reduce it till it's a little TOO concentrated, then add a little dairy to make a sauce - half&half or light cream or yogurt or sour cream or a knob of cream cheese. If the sauce seems too rich, thin it with a splash of water or cider.

        Sorry not to be more precise - originally I followed a recipe but it's long since become second nature to cook pork this way. It's quick, pretty foolproof, and loaded with flavor, so simple mashed potatoes and steamed veggies are the best sides.

        1. I've got one I'm planning to prepare tonight as well. I've done the butterflied tenderloin from this site a couple of times and it worked well. Makes for quicker cooking, a weeknight bonus. Instead of the salsa verde, which is delicious, I think I'm going to have it with corn relish tonight. I've got some I made a couple weeks ago when I had corn I needed to use up. The recipe was from the yellow Gourmet cookbook.

          1. I like to tie it up, which I think helps to keep the moisture in, then rub it well with coarse salt and pepper, maybe some herbes de Provence. Then I put it in a shallow pan with some olive oil, often mixed with chile oil, and let it sit for a while, turning it now and then, until the oven's up to 350º, then lay it on a rack in a shallow pan and roast to 150º internal. That's it. Let it sit for about twenty minutes after it's out and then untie and slice it. For a buffet spread, this makes truly great little sandwiches on white or rye cocktail bread. I don't really care for honey mustard, but it'd be good with these.