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Sep 24, 2008 11:30 AM

Philadelphia dining post Flyers game

Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on places to dine after an afternoon Flyers game. Hubby and I consider ourselves foodies and don't mind paying for a great meal, but we won't be dressed up to go to the game. So, we need a place where the food is great but the attire casual. I've heard great things about Osteria, but we ate at Vetri for our last big night out in Philly, and I think I'd like to try something different - perhaps not Italian. Thanks!

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  1. i am a huge flyers fan and would never go to osteria after a flyers' game (even if i wasn't wearing a jersey). the transition isn't appropriate in my mind (and it is italian food). if you want to do something local (and not usually discussed, and provided that this game isn't on a sunday), head over to 20th and jackson and go to nick's roast beef. order a birch beer or two while you're at it. :) the pork is v good too, as are the gravy fries.

    if you want a sit down dinner (nick's has a bar and some tables, but it is definitely not a relax over your meal place), i would consider some place like bar ferdinand. they serve tapas (so if you eat a pretzel at the game you don't have to worry about ordering too much) and there is rarely a wait, and it is usually pretty noisy (and has no dress code per se). i also like asian food after the game (if i don't consider a pretzel or hot dog dinner) and usually hit up nam phuong, pho cali, cafe de laos, shiao lan kung, vietnam, banana leaf or singapore. vietnam restaurant is probably the nicest of the bunch if you want the meal to be more date like. also, xochitl and las bugambilias serve v good mexican food. actually, xochitl would probably be perfect. or distrito. ahhh!

    wow, you really got me going. i am so ready for hockey and the enthusiasm-influenced possibilities seem endless right now! but i would probably pick xochitl or vietnam out of that list....

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      Thanks, I too am jonesin' for hockey like some sort of junky without a fix. I'll look into your two suggestions. We're huge fans of Vietnamese, and are always looking for some good pho.

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        Nick's Roast Beef is a great recommendation.

      2. It looks like we might get together with my cousin, who is a freshman at Temple. She said that when family visits, the kids like to go to Jones or Continental (I think). Either of these places any good and appropriate?

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          Either of the continentals would be fine.. the stephen starr restaurant is asian fusion, so you would get variations on some asian dishes, Think pad thai, japanese flavors. Variations on chicken with cashews. Atmosphere is loud, especially at the one on market street. But its a fun atmosphere and your cousin would enjoy.

          Jones is comfort food... upscale. Think meatloaf and mac and cheese.