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Sep 24, 2008 11:15 AM

Char #4 on Smith Street

Has anyone tried the new restaurant on Smith Street, between Warren and Baltic streets? It's called Char #4, and it's a BBQ and bourbon place.

I could care less about the bourbon, but like many, I'm strangely drawn to new BBQ places, regardless of reported quality.

Opinions sought!


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  1. I went with some friends on Friday night. The menu was small, but had some nice options. We had some drinks at the bar and ordered a few dishes; sliced steak w/ potatoes (meh), a ham plate w. fig jam (tasty), and clams w corn & bacon (winner). They serve brunch, and from the looks of its menu, that's the real draw. The place has a great decor, and the staff were very friendly. Only downside is that it literally smells like charred wood inside; to the point where I had to wash my clothes when I got home.

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      And I here I thought it was only another cool looking bar. That's exciting.

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        We dropped in last night before dinner and I had an excellent cocktail with whiskey, honey, fig, and tonic. They do have a great bourbon list that we all enjoyed. Didn't try much food, only the fried cheese curds, which were great. Will have to go back to try more of the food.

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          The Whiskey, Honey, Fig & Tonic cocktail sounds excellent!

    2. Pleasant place with as said above nice charred smell. I think the reference to char must be to bourbon barrels. Anyway when I went I did not eat (no food till after 6) but their bourbons are staggering and they let you have 1 oz. tastes as well as 2 oz. pours. My complaint is that the prices are outlandish, averaging $12 a shot for whiskey you can get elsewhere (admittedly at places with lesser selections) for $7-$10, and more often at the lower end unless you're at a hotel bar in Manhattan. Really off the charts. I will go back for bourbon and Q though.

      1. Had dinner at the bar last night and was very pleased. Quick rundown:
        * Fried cheese curds - cheddar cheese curds with a well-fried bread crumb crust, served with a pimenton dipping sauce ($7) - 8 deep-fried curds, weren't too greasy, quite nice, though a somewhat meager portion
        * BLT - Char No.4's interpretation of a BLT - house-smoked pork belly coated in bread crumbs and deep fried ($10) - served with pickled onions with sesame and pickled peppers - incredibly tasty, but how could deep fried bacon chunks not be. Not as heavy as it sounds.

        I had three one ounce pours of various US whiskeys (Wild Turkey Russel's Reserve Bourbon ($4), West Virginia "Mountain Moonshine" Corn Whiskey ($3), and a 13-year bourbon whose name I forget ($6).

        Altogether it ran me $30 + tax, tip, which I felt was reasonable. There are about 20 or so bourbons, whiskeys, and ryes available for $3 / oz., and about another 20 at $4 / oz. (There are also some available at $150 / oz., so they have quite a range.)

        One note - like the_state said, when I got home my clothing smelled like beef jerky. They have a smoker in the basement and the ventilation ain't that great. That said - I like the smell of beef jerky, so I all it made me was hungry, but for those with sensitive noses, you may want to steer clear.

        Char No. 4
        196 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

        1. I ate there last week and really enjoyed the meal, the service and decor of the bar area. I posted photos and descriptions on my blog, Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog. Some are complaining about the burnt wood smell. I did not find it offensive, and rather felt like it was like being around a real campfire.

          1. Ate here last week and had a great meal. Great service too. I posted photos on my blog, Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog. Some people are complaining about the smoke smell. It didn't bother me, and usually I'm very sensitive to that sort of thing. Instead it was like being around a camp fire!