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Sep 24, 2008 11:13 AM

best brunch in BK Heights/Cobble Hill

We are looking to take our friends out for a brunch to celebrate their anniversary this sunday...any suggestions in the BK Heights/Cobble HIll area? THANKS

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  1. I've never had brunch there but someone just told me that Jack the Horse Tavern on Hicks has a very good brunch.

    I've also never been but Bocca Lupa (is that the right name) on Henry Street has had excellent food as of late so I expect their brunch also to be very good.

    If you don't know either place, Jack the Horse is a bit more grown up and Bocca Lupa is quite a bit louder/hip and is likely to have a handful of toddlers and babies on a Sunday.


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      Bar Tabac - 128 Smith St (corner of Dean)
      Café Luluc - 214 Smith (near Butler)
      Café on Clinton – 268 Clinton (bet. Warren and Verrandah Pl,)
      Robin des Bois - 195 Smith Street (bet. Warren & Baltic)
      Quercy - 242 Court St. (bet. Kane and Baltic)
      Pane e Vino - 174 Smith Street, (bet Bergen and Warren)

      Been to all on multiple occasions; most of the meals have been good, but like most places sometimes there are off days - no surprise. Service has varied from decent to incompetent. Most are in the same price range as well. I’ve learned not to expect a lot from brunch, but these should do the trick.

      1. re: Peter

        It's Bocca Lupo. I've never had brunch there, but have otherwise had great experiences.

      2. Jack the Horse has a very nice Brunch and a nice atmosphere. However the serve has always been super slow. They have a very unusual way of delivering bursts of food from the kitchen.

        If your friends could go a little further into DUMBO I would recommend Five Front or Superfine. Five Front has a nicer mellow vibe and a back courtyard seating if its nice out. (it was last week). Superfine is a little more wild crowd and after noon on Sunday they have a live band. I think the food is better at Superfine but they are both good.

        126 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

        Five Front
        5 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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        1. re: King Lou

          i was recently at five front for brunch, and it was horrible. nothing had any flavor, and the service was super slow. yes, the garden is lovely, but it does not make up for the food. it is very hit or miss. Superfine is good, but very crowded, and it would probably be difficult to have a conversation. Also, you probably won't want to be eating near DUMBO this weekend with the arts festival. it gets very crowded, and can be a long wait for a table.

        2. For a special occasion brunch, I would go with Jack the Horse Tavern. Great food, pleasant atmosphere, and a more relaxed feel than some of the other places mentioned for a leisurely Sunday brunch.

          1. for regular brunch, i do frequent a lot of these places, but i would say a little something extra is nice for an anniversary.

            chestnut on smith does a nice brunch too.
            cafe clinton would be good.
            also maybe jolie on atlantic.
            jack the horse is nice, but can be hit or miss.

            i would save bar tabac, luluc, robin des bois for a less celebratory sunday.

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            1. re: vatl619

              I was going to include Chestnut, but the OP needed something in BK Heights/Cobble HIll not CG.