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Sep 24, 2008 11:03 AM

Union City Cuban Pizza and Restaurants

Does anyone know if you can get Cuban-style pizza in Union City? Cuban-style pizza is popular in miami and was popularized in the beach-side town of Varadero, Cuba. The dough is a little chewier than an American pizza, and the sauce is thicker and more sensuous, with quite a bit of onions and garlic (probably a sofrito base). Also, the very popular Cuban queso, Gouda, is used for the cheese (nowadays, places in Miami such as the famous El Rey or Polo Norte use a combination of gouda and mozzarella) and crumbled chorizo can be used for the topping. I would think that up north, Union City would be the best bet for getting this type of pizza. Also, if anyone knows of some places to eat there that are tasty and cheap at the same time, that would be great. There's this place across from the city hall on Palisade Avenue that has lunch plates for $6.00 and huge batidos for $3.50, but if anyone knows of a comparable deal perhaps wehre the fodd is better seasoned, that would be great. Lastly, if anyone knows where I can get cheap empanadas, tamales, croquetas, papas rellenas, pastelitos de guayaba, fritas, sandwiches, etc., I would be the happiest guy alive. I basically would like recommendations for the best Cuban places in Union City (I live in New York and will tell you that as far as food goes, El Rincon Criollo has the best hot dishes/entrees. BUT I want to get cheap bakery items from Union City, items that Rincon does not have). Thanks.

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  1. El Artesano is good - on Bergenline Ave. - Cheap and delicious although I haven't been there in a long time - hopefully it's still the same! They have great dishes - you can sit down or take out and they have hot churros in the window!

    There is a bakery a few doors down called El Fenix - great pastry and such-