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Sep 24, 2008 10:32 AM

Help........doesn't anyone have any ideas on places to eat in South Lake Tahoe??

I put this topic out several hours ago and thought I might get lots of responses. Anyone??????? (Specifics are on my last entry this morning.) Thanks

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  1. Just a quick reply: Go back several years on the search page. There have been many reports and posts. Maybe people's attention is elsewhere (Mississippi?) right now, but if you have time, just search South Lake Tahoe or South Shore. There have been several threads this year alone. Get some ideas, and then post again looking for more refined answers.

    1. Sad to say, there are so few places in this area that there is little to respond. Sometimes a good chain like IHOP (my own reliable favorite in this catagory) is good enough just to eat and save your dining pleasure and dollars for another part of the country or for gas to get you to North Lake Tahoe where there are better options. IMHO.

      1. Bluewater Bistro has very good food and service. The view is great. I had the seafood stew last time and it was excellent.

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          Cafe Fiore, Evan's, Friday's Station (top of Harrah's, nice view), Edgewood Golf Course (view too), Bluewater Bistro.

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            19 at top of harveys, womacks for good bbq, naked fish for sushi,

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              i can't seem to find original post so don't know if i'm telling you what i wanted but i also wanted to add chart house on kingsbury grade

        2. This is a little funny to me. We live on the North Shore and I often feel like South Shore has WAY more options :) The grass is greener syndrome, I suppose.

          1. Just read your OP and still can't address places. But super-casual is so common at Tahoe. Because most people are there for the outdoor activities, I've seen jeans everywhere. We went to Lone Eagle Grille at the Hyatt at Incline pre-Christmas for dinner and there were people in jeans. Granted, they probably had on $500 sweaters :) Your attire isn't going to be a problem.