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Sep 24, 2008 10:20 AM

need reasonable place for drinks near grand central

hi hounds,
i am meeting someone to discuss a business plan tonite. out of respect to the recession, (and i was recently laid off), i am looking for something reasonable, small plates with drinks.

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  1. Ammos, on Vanderbilt at 46th (I think) is a good place for that. Lots of wines by the glass, and lots of the Greek apps make great small plates. Clearly, though, the economy is affecting the owners; the selection of Greek dips now arrives in tiny, tiny bowls, rather than the more generous dollops of yestermonth... Still, it's not the mob scene that most GCT places are.

    1. Beer Bar
      200 Park Ave

      Leia (as I just suggested to another chowhounder)

      Morrell's WIne Bar

      Maggie's Place
      21 E 47th Street

      1. Blarney Stone on 3rd and 45th. Very reasonable, and I'm sure if you ask for your bacon cheeseburger (best in midtown) on a small plate they will accommodate.