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Sep 24, 2008 10:19 AM

Chef Point (DFW - Watauga)

So anyone been to Chef Point? Anyone heard of Chef Point? If not, let me introduce it as a ridiculously good gourmet restaurant serving their creations in a....... Conoco gas station.

I've been a couple of times and have eaten/tried the grilled salmon, a hamburger, blackened catfish served over angel hair pasta in an asiago cream sauce, double cut pork chops in a mushroom/wine reduction, shrimp over angel hair pasta served with in a mushroom cream sauce, what-nots, and crabbed stuffed artichoke bottoms afloat a pool of asiago cream. On my first visit, I also had the bread pudding. Ehhh, wouldn't recommend as it was excessively dense and the sauce was really sweet.

*Note - when I say cream - I am not using the word loosely. Depending on where you are seated, you may be able to see the chef pour in first the half and half, and then (as your eyes roll back in your head) the heavy cream. This of course after the creation has been started with a generous plop of butter. You taste buds will be doing a very happy dance. Your arteries will not.

Of those delicious and decadent meals, my ONLY complaint is that the very thick cut pork chop was overcooked and on the dry side. My biggest surprise was that a very thick hamburger was ordered well done (tragic) AND that it arrived cooked to that specification and still remained juicy on the inside.

The first time I went was for lunch on a weekday. The place was moderately busy. The last time was on a Fri., early evening. Holy moly! By the time we left at around 6:30, there was a line (out the door of the convenience store) waiting to get in. There were more people (cars) in the parking lot waiting for parking spots to open up. Folks looking to get gasoline were pretty much SOL due to sheer congestion.

The one drawback is that this type of food screams for a great bottle of wine - but no-can-do since they sell beer on the premises.

This is a must see (and eat) to believe. Well worth the drive for those living east of the big airport.

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  1. looks interesting. I love a good soup in the fall, and it seems they have several to choose from. How are the prices?

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      The soups do look good don't they! But sorry, I didn't pay any attention to their prices. The entree's were in the $13.00 range, lunch portion/prices are less, with white board specials pushing 18. There was one item priced at market value. It *may* have been the duck. Don't remember the apps prices either, but would say, for the food quality, the prices are very reasonable.

      The ambiance? Well, that's something else entirely, but also what makes this dining experience memorable. And I should add that the gas-station-thing isn't a gimmick. Read the bio on the web site for how this "concept" occurred. In today's real-estate boon-doogle, you can appreciate it.

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        I just wanted to say thanks for the great review. You are turning out some great reports of some Tarrant county eateries. CH DFW has needed more coverage on the FW part for a long time!

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Thanks LH! I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. Who doesn't enjoy a great meal followed by reliving it through words.

    2. Just for some info on the place

      they started it in the gas station because it is much easier to get a loan for a gas station than a restaurant. They've since expanded to include a location on Rufe Snow which shares an old Tippin's with Sparks, a sports bar/grill.

      I've been to both, and would say that the prices are fair for the food, but that the food isn't a mind blowing experience. For example, the Cioppino was good and the scallops were perfect, but for $15, loud noises and waffle house style service, that's about what I'd expect. This isn't the sort of thing someone coming through town has to go to, unless its just to see it.

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      1. re: kindofabigdeal

        Sorry for your unhappy experience BD……. You’ll probably be pleased to know that the Rufe Snow location was a failure and closed. On the other hand, not everyone agrees with your assessment of the gas station – many actually take pleasure in the funky, fine dining food experience. And any restaurant that’s made it an incredible 5 years is cooking SOMETHING right……

        It’s kindofsad though, that anyone would degrade someone else’s fantastic dream and entrepreneurial uniqueness into a mere “it’s easier to get a loan for a gas station”. There’s a lot more to wrap around that simple fact.

        Occasionally, you just have to be appreciative of something for what it is – even a diamond in the rough (or gas station, as the case may be) – one that’s earned features on Texas Country Reporter and Paula Deen’s mag – plus I hear rumors that they’re bucking for a spot on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

        Some have even clamored for the recipes!

        HA! I’m just having fun. It beats being so serious all the time.

        1. re: CocoaNut

          Yea Kindof...lose the seriousness, work less, eat more, and enjoy friends!!!

          As long as the restaurant is making the payments on the loan I would care less what they are doing in the space! At least it isn't a burger place at a former creamatorium....makes you think!!

          Wow a spot on DDD.....Is it me or does Guy Fieri always really like a place he goes to....never a bad word about them...makes me wonder.

          1. re: CocoaNut

            I'm not sure how my few sentences would lead someone to think I had such an unhappy experience. Read more carefully. But, please do not suggest that I am in anyway happy about people losing their jobs and their business.

            I think my assessment described precisely my appreciation for what it is.

            As a restaurateur I would not pass up a a mention by Paula Deen, for business purposes, but i wouldn't include it in a list of my serious accolades.

            LL - totally. He takes one bite of a sandwich made out of a little bit of everything on _______ diner's menu and declares it the best thing ever. Some of the places are pretty interesting. I think Chef Point would be perfect for a spot on the show. Often i think I'd like to visit some of those places, but then I think, no, I'm too serious for that.

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              Just messin with ya. By the way you have at least 2 new places in Irving to try out.....come on slacker!. El Tren Latino a Colombian place......if my count is up to date this is the 2nd place in town (I think this place used to be on Irving Blvd and Pioneer close to the Carnival). El Tren Latino is next to the Toy R Us on the north side of 183 in between Story and Belt Line

              There is an Indian eatery in the former Hunan Dynasty space on the second level at MacArthur and 183.

              I will find the third I saw today when I am hanging the Irving Art Association Wildlife Show at the Irving Jaycee Center.

              The third and fourth are 123 Restaurant (SEC behind WalGreens) ( a Korean place) and El Pastorcito (SWC) both around the intersection of Pioneer and Belt Line

              1. re: kindofabigdeal

                kobd - I agree completely w/your assessment of the Paula Deen mag inclusion, but the mere sound of her voice does raise my BP. I believe it was her entry into the FN lineup that signaled the beginning of the end for them. They just aren't the same as they were to start. As far as DDD, I imagine no one would argue that the intent of the the program is to promote the selected establishment - not the reverse. But as with Deen, "That's money" wears thin after awhile.

          2. Just ate there tonight. Took the family. Good place with kids because if they make noise it is drowned out. Tab was a bit over $40 for what nots (mushrooms stuffed with cheese), crab cake (appetizer), lasagna, child’s chicken, and bread pudding. Did not care for the crab cake at all, was covered, and I mean submerged, in the sauce. My husband enjoyed the lasagna (very cheesy), and I thought the child’s chicken was great, so did my two year old. It was pounded flat and then lightly breaded, quite tasty. The what nots were okay. We loved the bread pudding, but if you have an expectation of bread pudding, then you might not enjoy this one. It was sweet with a strong hint of vanilla. We will be back. It’s nice to find a restaurant where you can take the kids and still get a meal that was not just thrown in the microwave.

            1. I've been there several times and the food is very good and reasonably priced. Plus after you've enjoyed the Osso Buco, on your way out you can pick up a pack of Salem Lights and a copy of Hustler.

              Chep Point will be featured on Guy's "Diners, Dirive-ins, and Dives" on April 1.

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              1. re: slewfoot

                We were told April 6, episode 6-01 -- by one of the waitresses.

                1. re: hws56

                  April 6th. According to the Dish guide, it will feature a gas station that serves Duck l'orange.

                  1. re: ikirumata

                    I caught the piece on DDD. It was the first I'd heard of Chef Pointe. I love their story, their menu, and the chef's perseverance. The food looks so good, I wish it were closer, even if I am not able to eat many of the things on the menu. Sounds like they'll be around til I get around to getting to Texas.

              2. How cool!! I can't wait to try this place. Thanks.

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                1. re: joanna.mcmaster

                  I have been to this very odd place and it does live up to the hype. I was there several years ago and was extremely impressed.

                  1. re: DallasDude

                    went out and visited these guys recently to see if they had more customers since their DDD appearance. they said business had doubled, and that they had to hire more people. got some photos of food if you care to see...

                    1. re: teegee

                      Per your article comment, I really wish the toast was made to order. As is, I think they make a lot of it in the morning and serve it through the day - it's really pretty worthless as hard, cold rounds of stale toast. And it just doesn't fall in line with everything else made fresh.

                      1. re: CocoaNut

                        yeah we skipped even trying to eat it. not only was it cold and hard, it was also very THICK. i mean, at least you can fit a crouton into your mouth! hee

                      2. re: teegee

                        TG, thanks for the writeup, I enjoyed the photos. Food looks good!