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Sep 24, 2008 10:09 AM

Is Brigantine in Coronado Good? Any other suggestions?

My husband has an interview in La Jolla two weeks ago and I loved the area on our short visit. We did not get to go to many of the recomended places (my husband does not like planning too much). Straight from the airport we also went to In-N-Out Burger, the burgers were great... not big on the fires though. That night we went to the Studio Dinner, which was okay. The next day we picked up a few baked items at a small bakery in Del Mar (I think) for breakfast even though we found another place for a brunch (we saved them for a snack later) and they were aswome. (They also had an Italian Garlic bread to sample and it was the best I have ever had!) We at brunch at Champagne Bakery which was good. I had a breakfast flatbread which was delicious for a mix between pizza and breakfast. That night we went to Miguel's in Coronado and the salsa and cheese starters were awsome. My husband like his shrimp enchiladas too. I ordered a grilled chicken something... the chicken was dry but the atmosphere was nice.

So, now my husband has another interview at another place right down the road and we were thinking about going to lunch in Coronado at Brigantine straight from the airport. My husband likes seafood (unlike me) and I want him to have an great meal while we are there this time.

Do any of you have any other suggestions? We will be there Wed. around 11am to Sat. around 9am this time. Since I really did not want to leave last time, we decided to stay one extra night this time so we have a open day of tourist stuff! We also would like to stay under $60 per meal (not counting drinks if we wish to have a few).

Thank you for reading my long post! Have a great day!

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  1. Man, there are a lot of places to have a "great meal" in San Diego. Not sure the Brigantine would be on my short list. I mean, it's good. But "great?" It's a great setting, beautiful for lunch or dinner, for sure. And you won't have a "bad" meal there. Just maybe not "great." You've got a few days in San Diego, you could hit some really good spots in that time. So you may want to field some suggestions from Chowhounders who are more versed with that downtown/coronado area than me. If you were coming to North County, I could help. :) Good luck with the job and the dining.

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      Thank you for your response! I'm not sure where North County is... we will be staying in Del Mar though and we will also go to the Wild Life Park which is north of San Diego. We are not really into the asthetics of a restaurant, we care more about the food so we may look for another place for lunch. Thanks again!

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        North County is generally everything north of Del Mar, which along the coast means solana beach, encinitas, carlsbad, oceanside. There's also inland North County (escondido, vista, san marcos, etc.) There are some really fine restaurants in the coastal area in and around Del Mar. Many threads on here about them, no reason for me to recap. And I assume you mean you'll be going to the Wild Animal Park?

        1. re: hungry_girl78

          I am not sure there is a "great" place in Coronado for lunch. Pretty good is about as good as it gets, at least in my experience as well as from the reports on the board. If you search this board for "Coronado", you'll find some of the usual suspects.

          A drive from Del Mar to the Wild Animal Park, at least in the most direct sense, will take you through Carmel Valley, Rancho Penesquitos, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, and finally Escondido. Depending on the timing, there are a few pretty well received restaurants along that route (for example, Cavillion in Del Sur).

      2. When I'm in Coronado, I go to the Brig but only for happy's known in SD as one of the best everyday HH and some of the best fish tacos..they have them all over SD.
        I would go straight to Point Loma Seafood which is right down the street from the SD Airport and they have great fish straight off the boats..calamari sandwich and the scallop sandwich are excellent..very casual but a local fav.
        Oyster Bar at the Fish Market is really good but the restaurant blows imo..downtown SD on the bay.
        George's at the Cove upstairs in La Jolla is really good and the view is awesome..
        El Pescador in LJ for fish sandwiches are some of the best in town too.
        Crab Catcher has a good seafood happy hour with some of the best crab bisque and mussels and $5 martini's with ocean views.

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        1. re: Beach Chick

          Thanks so much Beach Chick! I have read prior post for SD and there are so many places and then disagreements also about what place is better. We will go to Point Loma Seafood for sure! I'm sure my hubby will love eating fish that is so fresh! I'm not a fish eater... I do not know where the fish comes from here and I would not eat anything out of the Gulf of Mexico with all the junk in the water. I will have to try fish on the west coast though (I really haven't had fish since I was probably 10). My hubby also likes oysters so we will check out the oyster bar too if there is time. We may go celebrate at George's (his interview is in La Jolla) if things go well, I have read many good reviews for the upstairs part. I have already printed this out as a guide... I'm off to print out the locations for TomTom! Thanks again!

          Have a great day!

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            I also enjoy PL Seafood, but question the amount of their fish that comes straight off the boats. No doubt some does, but I'm reasonably confident much is not.

            Anyone know the answer?

              1. re: Beach Chick

                AH. Good to know, and that .7 percent makes a big difference!

                ; )

                1. re: Fake Name

                  ok point loma seafood for a walk for takeout/unch from liberty station???

                  also this happy hour at the Brig the best around??? is this the seafood plalce in point loma/ area or is this the mexican place>>>>

                  1. re: palmtree38

                    Yes, happy hour at The Brig is pretty decent. It's the seafood place NOT the Mexican one.

          2. Blue water, El pescador, and Point loma Seafood are better than brig for seafood.

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            1. re: stevewag23

              what does brigantine point loma have for their happy hours??
              I noticed that Casa guadalajara old town has one as well from 4-7pm..
              With all the happy hour deals wouldnt this fill someone up rather then ordering dinner?? Or do customers go out later for dinner in San diego? I would think dinner time would be 5-6:30pm being more rush hours.

              1. re: palmtree38

                People in San Diego eat EARLY.

                Most restaurants are closed by 9pm.

                Which is tough for me, since I have latin blood and usually don't start thinking about where to eat dinner until 10pm.

            2. If you are in Coranado for lunch.....hit the Hotel Del and have a great lunch on their outdoor terrace. Great view and very good food. We visit San Diego 4-5 times a year and do the Del for lunch every time.

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              1. re: stradacouple

                We dont have happy hours with drinks here and the odd place will have food happy hours but they make them at times that the restaurants are empty or a slow night not every night.. example 3-6 half price appys on a Tuesday. . Most dont go out that early so you miss them or get there 15 min before and order a bunch.
                Most of the ones here in san diego I have read about are 3-9 example at crab catcher on friday nights and others 4-7pm. Are happy hours really popular?????

                1. re: palmtree38

                  Yes, Happy Hour is popular almost anywhere in California, not just SD. Most run from 4 - 7 pm, as you've discovered, which covers most of the PM drive-time in SoCal. Easier to sit it out having a drink and a couple of nibbles than fight traffic, it's also become dinner for some singles ;-). A now defunct Italian place in Mission Valley used to put out salad and pasta for Happy Hour. I knew more than a few empty-nester couples that would meet up there after work, have a glass of wine, some salad and pasta (or order an appetizer pizza) and call it dinner.

                  The best Happy Hour used to be (and I'm using "used to" in the past tense because I haven't been there lately and can't vouch for how good it may or may not be right now) at Roppongi in La Jolla because not only was the booze half price, so was the entire appetizer menu. Their appetizers were interesting, large enough to split and it was more than possible to make an entire meal off the appetizer menu. Roppongi is not a cheap restaurant if you order off the menu, but it becomes very affordable if you go for happy hour, sit on the patio around the fire pit and just drink and eat apps. Kids would be welcome at this Happy Hour.

                  It's not exactly Happy Hour and it's only a short (15 min +/-) drive to Hillcrest from Point Loma. The Better Half Bistro runs a $15 Blue Plate special that is one of the best 3-course deals in town. Wine is sold by the half bottle allowing you to try as much or as little as you like. Kids welcome.

                  It's a splurge but The Marine Room in La Jolla is running a $40 special, lobster Mondays. Choice of lobster app, choice of lobster entreee + dessert. Kids welcome.

                  San Diego had one of the biggest run ups in housing prices, was one of the first to be affected when the bubble burst and has seen a steep decline in housing prices and an unusually high increase in unemployment. Many local restaurants are running specials to get butts in their seats. It will be interesting to see how well patronized Restaurant Week is this year, and it's interesting a $20 meal has been added to RW. Happy Hour with lots of goodies isn't that unusual out here, but with the economy on shifting and rocky ground Happy Hour is one way for many operators to get people in the door and spending money without a huge expenditure on their part.

                  Palmtree38, I've read some of your posts and agree with most of the recommendations made. However, if you have not yet acquired a map of the greater SD area I would strongly suggest you do so before arriving. This is a big, spread out, metropolitan area. It's way easier to negotiate than L.A. but it still takes time to get from place to place and the surface streets around both La Jolla and Liberty Station can be heavily congested. If you belong to AAA you can get a map of SD from them for free at your local office. Plotting out the locations of some of the restaurants you are considering in relationship to where you'll actually be might be useful or helpful.

                  1. re: DiningDiva

                    Dining diva. Great info! :O) WE did pick up a AAA book on southern california and a san diego map which I have to find.. Very good idea to map out where we are planning to dine at. Our last evening (friday night) we wanted to try out a restaurant at the san diego week with the set meals such the $30.. I posted a link on here to see if anyone was going and which restaurants are the best value for this and quality of food but no feedback. I did look at the menu from Roppongi and it was a bit higher end when you would order say 6 items etc.. I should inquire if they are still having the happy hour.

                    1. re: palmtree38

                      2 people could not eat 6 apps at Roppongi. The last time I was there for half-price Happy Hour it cost $150 including tax and tip. That was for 4 people with at least 2 rounds of drinks and most of the app menu.

                      1. re: DiningDiva

                        I agree that 2 people, unless you have ginormous appetites, cannot eat through 6 apps at Roppongi's. Their apps/tapas are generous and designed for sharing between 2-3 people. I would totally skip their 50% off sushi, though. Sushi is average, not great and I'd save my stomach and $$ for their apps instead. If you want sushi, there's better sushi for the $$ elsewhere.

                      2. re: palmtree38

                        Hey palmtree: between Liberty Station and Shelter Island/the Brig you will find Pizza Nova on Harbor Drive which has very good food and is a perfect place for families with kids. You will also find some good choices in Liberty Station including Tender Greens, Sammys Woodfired Pizza, and Solare. I do not recommend Tin Fish because of a couple of bad experiences there with the food and service. Wine Steals is also very popular but not appropriate for kids.

                      3. re: DiningDiva

                        Well said DD..
                        All on this board want you to have a great time in our beloved SD..
                        Personally, I would do the fish tacos at the Brig for the happy hour in the bar..great fish tacos and marg's and you and your family can get out of there for pretty cheap..
                        When you stay at Liberty Station, the one in Shelter Island would be good to go to and then you can walk and see all the boats..I believe HH is everyday but check their website.
                        On George's..I would do lunch..

                        1. re: Beach Chick

                          Beach chick what do you think of this narrowed down now agenda in la jolla 2 days
                          ok la jolla friday lunch at El Pescador for fish sandwich. dinner at crab catcher for happy hour. saturday go to ocean terrace at georges for lunch and dinner at Alfonso's (desert at sammys for sundaes and maybe a breakfast at the cottage)

                          1. re: palmtree38

                            sounds perfect palmtree!
                            Crab has the best crab bisque and chowder..mussels and calamari are really good too on the HH menu in the oyster bar..
                            Have a great time!

                            1. re: Beach Chick

                              Thanks so much beach chick.. I need to come dining with you more often lol.. I went and joined that roppongi site for updated news and promos and they just sent me a free sloppy sundae for sammys lol. SWEET as we were planning on going there for the kids. When I called they said all appys and sushi rolls are 1/2 price but their website doesnt show their appys.. we may pop in here too..

                              liberty station we will go to marisca germans for lunch and point loma seafood. and for dinner go to brigantine happy hour. and might do either casa guadalaraja or mama testas.. for din din.. (have you been to mama testas??
                              I wish we were catching a san diego chargers game but they are playing the day after we leave.. sighhhh

                              1. re: palmtree38

                                Mama Testa's would be a great casual lunch or dinner place, esp w/ your kids. We haven't been for a while and meaning to get back there, but their tacos and salsa bar are very good. Our fave tacos are the mashed potato or beef taquitos swimming in blissfully spicy beef broth. Some people "gripe" that it's expensive for tacos. However, they use better ingredients (less greasy meats) than other taquerias. Also, make sure to get their churros. They make them to order and once you've had a fresh one, you can't eat the stuff that's been sitting around anymore!

                                1. re: daantaat

                                  what is a salsa bar?? is this like going up for a salad bar but its all toppings ie salsas of different spices??

                                  1. re: palmtree38

                                    yes, you are correct. They have approx 6-12 different types of salsas with varying intensities of heat. One of the more interesting ones is the one made w/ sesame.

                                    1. re: daantaat

                                      yummy.. i make alot of homemade salsas..
                                      Is there any known san diego spices or rubs that are a must to buy at a grocers??

                                      ie here montreal steak spice everyone uses for their steaks.. bobby flays i hear makes good rubs too..

                                      1. re: palmtree38

                                        off the top of my head, I can't think of any uniquely local rubs or spices that you can buy. As you may notice from previous discussions, what is uniquely "San Diego" is of debate, as the city's history is primarily a military and college town, although that is shifting as the years go on.

                                        1. re: daantaat

                                          Will visit a local grocery store and hit the spice/condiment section and see what they have.
                                          thanks for your help

                                          1. re: palmtree38

                                            Henry's, a smaller chain, sells spices by the ounce.