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Gift Baskets

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A friend of mine just had a baby and I want to send them a nice gift basket, with some nice food and maybe a few baby things. Can anyone recommend a good place that I can order from?

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  1. With respect, why not DIY? Increasingly, I find gift baskets poor value: over-priced and often stuffed with iffy quality "look-alike" goodies. Since you know the friend--and presumably their likes/tastes--why not give 'em what they love. I give these to friends now even though it takes more time and requires some shopping. The time and care are always appreciated.

    1. All The Best has really nice food baskets. Maybe you can just give them some baby things to add to one of their baskets -

      All The Best Fine Foods
      1099 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

      1. When my friends had a baby recently, the gifts they valued most were things to help with cooking and cleaning. Consider gift certificates for personal chefs, cleaning service like Molly Maid or else order them dinner by delivery. It will make as big an impact as a gift basket.

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          Superb suggestions merlot143. Very creative and practical not to mention thoughtful and personal.

          If the OP must GB, then I have to agree with the DIY suggestions.

        2. I like Baskits and ByPeter&Pauls. I hated The Basket Company, their packaging was all gooey tape.

          1. I have gotten a gift basket of baked goodies and cheese from Whole Foods. They also customize to your needs of course.
            Then again, like others have suggested, you can just pack them yourself and save some money.
            For a larger number of crowd, I would recommend Whole Foods.
            Here is the link: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/store...

            1. Saw an overpriced customizable basket store today in The Path downtown called Baskits - they seemed to have a mixture of food and baby things in some of their baskets. It's near the TD Centre.

              Another place that sells gift baskets is Costco - not sure if that was the style you were looking for though.

              I agree that I have always done DIY as you can customize with better products and can actually give more to your friend for the same price that you'd spend at one of these basket places. You can get basket supplies at places like Michael's.

              1. Another great gift for new parents is ordering from Supperworks or Dinner Solved or one of those places. Most of them will deliver and you can check out their meal options online.