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Sep 24, 2008 09:40 AM

Moosehead Lake, Greenville

I will be headed up to the Moosehead Lake area in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone could make any food recommendations within an approx. 2 hour radius of Greenville. I would even be willing to cross the border into Canada if warranted. Ambience, setting and cost are flexible but the quality of the food is of paramount importance.
Blair Hill and Greenville Inns will be closed.
Lodge @ Moosehead Lake will only serve Fri & Sat.
Rod and Reel, Black Frog, Pittston Farm, Flatlander Pub, Spring Creek Bar-B-Q are all on my list but further input (recent good/bad experiences) is appreciated.
Thanks in advance for all recommendations.

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  1. We visited the beautiful Moosehead Lake region this summer, but cooked in for the most part due to the lack of good, viable eats in that area (we were staying in Lily Bay, on the east side of the lake) We did eat at the Black Frog. The food was quite forgettable, but the ambiance (sitting on the outdoor dock, envious of the folks who canoed across the lake for a drink or dinner) was great. However, I'm quite sure they closed the weekend after Labor Day. There is not much to speak of in terms of what most on this board would consider chow-worthy food in the Moosehead area - especially in the off season. I think you may find most of what you are looking for in the Montreal area, especially if you are on the west side of the lake and closer to the border.

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      Jillian Thanks for your candid assessment. Though it is not suprising it is still disappointing. Unfortunately we will not be going as far as the Montreal area.

    2. MLZ - I posted re: Moosehead/Greenville recommendations about this time last year. I can't really remember suggestions. Do a search and maybe you can find my post. However, we made our trip to Moosehead and didn't find much. We were staying at Blair Hill Inn so had a great place to stay and wonderful breakfast. We ended up becoming "regulars" at the Rod and Reel (or, after a few days, we called it the R & R) and found it be to be reliable and consistent, with very good service. I can't recall much about the food, but thought it was a good place for the "wilderness". There's was a small coffee shop, but it closed around 2 p.m. I had to time my coffee to make sure I made it there before they closed.

      Edit - I found my original post to include what I said about choices in the area.

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        Thanks wintersummer. I read your 2007post previously and it is where I learned of the R & R. You seemm to support jilllian's opinion that there is a dearth of places.
        PS when I tried the cited link it did not go to your earlier post