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Sep 24, 2008 09:13 AM

Portland bargains?

I'm feeling poorer everyday just watching the economy...but still looking forward to a long weekend in Portland in mid-November. We will go out for one more expensive dinner and the board has given us plenty of options to select from, but are seeking lunch and dinner bargains for the remaining meals. Any happy hours with food that could be dinner or??

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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  1. You definitely have the right idea with the happy hours... Off the top of my head, I can only recall the Heathman Hotel and the City Grill (both extremely cheap and loads of options), but I know I've had good luck with several other bar/pub type places - I'm sure others will have plenty more suggestions. Even the McMenemin's places have $2 happy hour (not-so-great) burgers...

    1. My favorite cheap eats right now is Tanuki's $5 noodle night on Thursdays.

      1. Saucebox still has one of the best happy hours in town and goes until 6:30 which is nice.

        For lunch, Nicholas' Middle Eastern on SE Grand is a great bargain and really good food.

        1. Here are two sites for you. We have an outstanding cart scene, but only weekdays for lunch. My faves would be Samurai Bento, India Chaat House, Sugar Cube, and Give Pizza a Chance. Also carts at the Portland Farmers' Mkt.

          1. Head out to NE 122nd (at Halsey) for the best $4.50 Gyro you've ever had!!! Anoush Deli


            Swagat's Beaverton location has an excellent Indian Buffet - I believe it's $6.95


            (I hear the NW Portland location is not as good? Can someone comment please?)

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              If you're going to be in Beaverton I'd suggest Abhiruchi's indian buffet lunch over Swagat's. Other lunch choices in that area could include Jin Wha who has a great $6.95 lunch menu and the newly opened Best Baugette on Hall Street with their $2.95 Bahn Mi sandwiches
              By November the new 5 Guys burgers & fries may even be open (cedar hills & walker rd.