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Sep 24, 2008 09:12 AM

Late Night Dining in East Village

Anything good open until midnight?

Would like to find something close to 13/14th and Ave. A.

Hearty food appreciated.

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  1. Veselka on 9th st and 2nd Ave is open 24 hours. Ukrainian pierogi's, stuffed cabbage, etc. Doesn't get more hearty than that.

    1. Weekdays? Weekends? For tonight?

      Momofuku Ssam Bar
      dinner 5 pm - 2 am*
      *sun - wed from 12am - 2am we offer
      special wine, beer and sake selections
      with an abbreviated food menu

      Mon-Sat: 5:30pm-2:30am
      Sun: 5:30pm-11pm

      Terroir (kitchen closes at 1am)
      Mon-Sat, 5pm-2am
      Sun, closed

      Jimmy's No. 43
      Sun-Thu: 3pm-2am
      Fri-Sat: 3pm-4am

      Bar Veloce (Carrera next door may have similar hours)
      Open Daily 5pm-3am

      Village Yokocho
      Daily 5pm-3am

      Rai Rai Ken
      Mon-Sat, noon-2:30am; Sun, noon-11:30pm

      Crif Dogs
      Open until: 1AM Sun. & Mon., 2AM Tues. thru Thurs., & 4AM Friday & Saturday

      Typhoon Lounge
      79 Saint Marks Pl

      Sun-Thu 5pm-2am, Fri-Sat 5pm-3am

      YMMV, as I copied and pasted these hours from the internet. If I'm in doubt, I usually call, but of course, this doesn't help if the restaurant doesn't answer their phone or it goes straight to the machine.

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        Thanks! I lot of good suggestions there. I'll investigate and give one of them a try. Yes, for tonight (a weeknight).