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Sep 24, 2008 08:59 AM

Sushi Ting - Columbus OH

Can people who have dined there give me a run-down on the sorts of rolls they have? Our favorite sushi in Columbus is Tyfoon - but we are a fan of the more trendy rolls in general (my husband's theory is the more cream cheese the better!) We also like things spicy. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I love Sushi Ting. I live near there and have probably been 12 times now. Their rolls are very unusual and creative and the presentation is great. There are a lot of spicy ones and one thing they have that I love is the "crunch" rolls - they put little pieces of tempura batter crumbs all over the rolls and a spicy sauce. not traditional at all, but it is great! They have about 3 different pages of rolls and menus, so it's hard to summarize it, but they have a lot of rolls I have never seen before and I have not tried any that I didn't like. Our favorite app is the salmon carpaccio crunch. They also have a sweet potato roll and many with crab meat that are just great. Service can be slow and they have mixed drinks but no beer/wine yet, but we really love the place and the owners.

    1. There's just a serene feel to Sushi Ting; that place is seriously immaculate.

      The rolls are well-concocted too, which to me, seemed to reflect the quality of the sushi.

      They have great lunch specials which I highly recommend checking out as well.