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Sep 24, 2008 08:56 AM

Business Dinner in Ann Arbor, Michigan

I'm looking to host a business dinner in Ann Arbor, probably around 15 - 20 people. I would prefer a private room, but it's not necessary. I recently held a dinner at Eve, so I'd like to try some place new and would prefer not to go to the Earle. Can anyone suggest another alternative? I have a call in to Pacific Rim already.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've often thought this was a hole in the downtown Ann Arbor scene--there aren't many places with meeting rooms or spaces that can configure for a large group. Do you know the Earle Uptown? It's different from the downtown Earle, in a hotel, and has a private room, although as I remember it 20 people would be a squeeze.

    Argiero's, which is a less upscale Italian restaurant, has a room.

    Gratzi has a sort of balcony-like area that could work, as I recall--decent Northern italian cuisine. Their corporate cousin Real Seafood is also quite large and probably has areas they could close off. At Palio down the street there's also a separate room--I think it's being used for general seating now, but I bet it could be reserved.

    1. How about Webers? Anyone know if they have a private room? Or any of the hotels down on State/Eisenhower area or Campus Inn downtown?

      Common Grill in Chelsea has a private room, it's in the basement though so the atmosphere is a little claustrophobic.

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        Campus Inn does, and their food has been decent on the two occasions when I've gone there. Sounds as though this guy is looking for top-of-the-line, though.

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          Top-of-the-line hmm? in that case, would you dissuade him from Pacific Rim? I'm not sure I'd agree it's tops, but perhaps that's the type of cuisine he's looking for (i.e. pan-Asian). I think I'd not recommend Palio if he's looking for quality over private room, but that's just my personal opinion re Palio.

          To me, top-of-the-line business dinner fairly shouts West End Grill. It can get a little noisy though.

          Perhaps the OP will chime in with more specifics...

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          Weber's has a fairly substantial room down stairs that probably seats about 100. Maybe it can be partitioned off into something smaller. I haven't eaten at Weber's in a long time, so I can't speak to the quality of da foods.

        3. Quarter Bistro on Maple has a "private" dining room.

          I think they are opening another location where that hookah club was (on Division?)

          1. Arborwiki has a list of venues


            which has a bunch of alternatives. One place on that list is Carson's, but it's not downtown and not the same sort of quality as Eve.

            As to the new Fifth Quarter downtown, as far as I can tell it's a nightclub and not a restaurant, and not associated with the Quarter Bistro at all


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              You are right, they both have Quarter in name only!